Solar Garden Water Fountains No Electricity Required!

You can instantly set up a beautiful garden fountain using solar technology. Solar garden water fountains provide the calming effect of flowing water without requiring access to an electrical outlet. Not only do solar garden water fountains allow you to “go green” by conserving energy, they are very low maintenance. You simply let the sun work its magic and the fountain runs on its own. Solar garden water fountains are both beautiful and safe, with no distracting electrical cords to disguise. A bamboo garden water fountain is an especially nice fit for a solar pump as it is very naturally appealing; a beautiful choice to be powered by nature. The popularity of solar powered water fountains continues to grow, as do the choices, with major retailers now offering solar power garden products.

Basic Types of Solar Fountain Pumps

There are three basic types of solar fountains pumps, and choosing the right one will depend on your specific fountain needs and desires. The first type is a direct power solar fountain pump, which operates off of a built-in or remote fountain solar panel. Although no installation is required, a direct power water pump only works when the sun is shining on it. Therefore if there is no sun, your solar garden water fountain will not operate with this type of pump. The second type of pump is a submersible solar fountain pump, which can be fully submersed below the water of a garden pond, pool or lake. Submersed solar pumps rely on energy from a remote solar panel and produce a very decorative above-water spray. The third type of solar pump has a backup battery that recharges through the solar panel during sunny days, and provides water flow, and typically also illumination to the solar fountain at night.

Solar Powered Fountain Accessories

If you have a pond or other water feature and would like to easily install a fountain, consider the solar-powered lily pad fountain. This floating device contains a thin solar panel, a pump and a filter. You simply place the floating lily pad in your water feature and can immediately enjoy the calming sound of water. The pump is automatically activated by sunlight and will create a beautiful vertical spray. You can select from different fountain heads for the type of spray stream you want. The lily pad oxygenates your water as well, thereby eliminating odors, and it keeps water moving to eliminate mosquitoes. The floating lily pad is a wonderful solar garden water fountain option with several benefits.