Small Garden Pond Ideas

People often use landscaping and flower gardens to beautify their yard. Perhaps youd like to use something different. Why not try some of these small garden pond ideas and see how distinct they can make your yard appear.

Consider where you might like to place a small garden pond. Some people choose an area away from their homes while others choose to create a garden near their porch or patio. Which window would allow you to look out over the garden pond and enjoy the wildlife that may gather there?

You may only want to have a rock pond. This is a pond which has plenty of natural rocks and plants around them but wont necessarily contain fish or other animals. These are mostly for beautification and to entice nature to come into your yard.

Other people want to have a small garden pond which already has life in it. Most people think about putting Japanese Koi in their garden ponds because theyre a hardy fish. You can choose from other fish as well – Shubunkin goldfish and Comet goldfish are often sold for garden ponds. Start with a fish that is at least 3 inches long with a caudal fin. They come in a variety of colors.

Take time to do some research about pond fish. Theres a science to knowing how to take care of them. Depending upon the weather and water temperature, the fish will be more or less active and their appetite will also change. Feed the fish more during the warmer weather and much less when the temperatures drop.

You could hire someone to design and build a small garden pond, although this is one do-it-yourself project everyone in the family can pitch in and help with. Depending upon whether or not you put fish in your pond, shade is important. Youll also want to consider the condition of the soil in your yard, and the elevation. Rocky or hilly terrain could make some modifications necessary, so keep those in mind.

Plants to include in a garden pond include floating plants such as water lilies and water hyacinths. You can also find other aquatic plants to add to the pond. Again, plants are important should you have fish in the pond, because they will need someplace to get out of the direct sunlight.

Pond kits are available at most home improvement stores but it isnt really necessary to buy one. You can choose the location for the pond, dig out the area, and then place a thick, plastic pond liner into the hole. Cover the liner rim with natural material such as rocks or logs. Make the pond look as natural as you can and it will definitely be something beautiful for you and your family to enjoy.

Remember that youll also need to filter the water and keep the pond clean. Rock ponds may take more care keeping them clean because youll have to remove the water and rocks each year. If you choose to add a waterfall feature, a pump will be necessary. The pump will help keep the water clean and circulating so the amount of maintenance required is reduced. The best way to ensure the waterfall doesnt fail is to have a second pump and filter system on hand in case the primary pump breaks down.

Adding a water feature can make all the difference in how your yard looks. These small garden pond ideas will give you some place to start and then you can research more to decide what type of pond is right for your budget and yard.