Setting Up Your Own Flower Shop In Mumbai

If you are planning to set up your own flower shop in Mumbai here are some suggestions that may help you out. The very first thing you need to understand is that Mumbai is a crowded city with a huge number of flower shops all over the place. This will in turn show you a higher level of competition unless you are careful about each and every decision you take while setting up the flower shop.

The Location

The location is a very important factor to consider. It is the location that often decides the level of competition that you may face and the number of customers that you may see daily. While a crowded spot may show you more customers, it may turn out to be too costly for you and there may already be too many shops selling flowers to customers, which means a higher competition. Therefore you need to be smart when selecting a location for your flower shop in Mumbai.

Your Setup Costs

Make sure you are aware of the setup costs associated with starting the business. Consider whether you will be able to support yourself and the business till you finally make up for the setup cost and actually start earning profits. This may take some time, but is an important point to be considered.

Your Knowledge on Flowers

Simply starting a flower business may not show you the expected profits. You must be able to understand the products that you deal with. Therefore you need to learn about flowers and improve your knowledge before you finally setup your flower shop in Mumbai. Customers may approach you for advice as to what can be the best flowers to choose when they want to send flowers to Chennai or some other far off city.They may have some other query related to flowers. You must be in a position to clarify their doubts and answer the questions they have for you.

Wholesaler or Retailer?

You must also decide on the volume of business that you want to conduct. Are you planning to run a simple retail business or do you want to be a wholesaler dealing directly with the gardens? Your setup costs and the costs associated with running the business may go up or fall depending on the type of business you want to run.

Will you Offer Delivery Services As Well?

Have considered delivering the flowers to your customers home or establishment? You may want to offer such delivery services to earn higher profits. You may even assist your customers if they want to send flowers to Chennai or some other state or to a location that is far from your flower shop in Mumbai. This can even help you make more profits if you can manage it!

Consider these points to understand how to make setup a flower shop in Mumbai successfully and run a profitable business.