Senior Nutrition Can Be A Fountain Of Youth!

Senior Nutrition Can Be A Fountain Of Youth!

By Raymond Angus

Senior nutrition can be your pathway to better health, reclaiming lost energy, re-igniting a more youthful appearance-and just feeling a whole lot better.

Ask yourself a question. How many different kinds of meals do I eat on a regular basis?

The answer will surprise you!

Dietary experts tell us that most people actually only eat a very small variety of food. In fact, they say only 6-7 different kinds of meals are prepared in the average household consistently.

This is all true, unless you go out to a high class restaurant, and order a meal that resembles something grown in an autoclave and served with strange looking green dots on it.

The government statistics prove that well planned senior nutrition does not entail throwing yourself on the mercy and good graces of the medical profession.

Whatever your medical problems are, by all means consult and follow the advice of your personal physician. Don’t isolate yourself from the wonders of modern medicine.

But the responsibility of your health, both physical and mental , should rest on your own shoulders. Take charge of your own well being!

Raise your eyes and take a look where you’re headed healthwise. If you don’t like what’s in the middle of your path-change course immediately!

Sound, senior nutrition is vital to your health. Do you get up in the morning well rested and eager to live the day for all it’s worth?

Or do you sit on the edge of the bed contemplating just how you’re going to get through the hours until bedtime tonight?

Do you hunker down at the breakfast table munching on a piece of toast and washing it down with a cup of black coffee? There’s nothing wrong with this picture unless it’s a still shot of your life to date.

The world is filled with hundreds of thousands of different varieties of food, and each comes with a built in nutritional benefit. Learn about them!

The chances of someone entering your life as a personal, nutritional guru are remote. And can you picture that imaginary instructor showing you step by step what to eat and how to prepare it?

Only you know what you like to eat. Only you know how you feel physically. Take charge of the rest of your life!

How? Learn what your physical problems are, and listen carefully to what your doctor tells you. Then seek out the information that will explain what all the technical, medical terms mean.

Once you’ve done this, keep a log on what you eat each day for several weeks. Then treat yourself, and research what the nutritional value of all you’ve consumed during the period actually is.

You don’t have to buy any books to investigate food. If you have access to the internet, you will find more than enough information to satisfy your needs.

Stay focused on your search and don’t get sidetracked by all the theories and strange ideas floating around the web.

Click on cooking shows like Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray. What you’re looking for are ideas on different foods and their preparation that might provide a nutritional addition to your daily menu.

The United States Department of Agriculture has an entire library of information on nutrition-it’s on the internet. These reports and online publications are filled with a plethora of nutritional material.

Take advantage of all this wealth of information, and you’ll soon find that you not only feel better-you actually will look younger.

Senior nutrition can be a real fountain of youth, and turn the clock back for you as if by magic.

Raymond Angus is a widely published author of articles and books. He writes for, and about, fellow seniors. To read more of his writing about seniors and how they cope and prosper in today’s world, visit: