Send Online Creatively Wrapped Flowers

The way you present your flower shop does matter. Every little creative detail builds your business as unique and imaginative. That is most definitely what you want. Say your customer has spent a smart amount of time making selections from buckets of flowers. He or she does not want them arranged. What is left? You have to wrap the flowers. Have some ingenious tricks up your sleeve. Now is the time for you to show off and to show off your flower shop.

Wrapping flowers is fun! You can end up with a masterpiece in paper. Presentation of wrapped flowers delivery is important. They will not be put in a vase or basket at this time, but they are a gift. Make the flowers look like a gift. Whatever you do, do not just throw them in some paper and staple shut!! Be resourceful. Here are some ideas to spark you imagination. As well as focal flowers, try to make sure your customers have selected some form of greenery and filler flowers. Tell them the main flowers they have chosen will look much nicer in a vase with greens and filler flowers. Always try to educate your customers, as well as just make a sale. Guide them to what your professionalism knows.

What papers to use? You have many choices. Clear cellophane is a start. This wrapping tied off with a ribbon of course is classic. You may want to try to bring out a color in the loose bouquet of flowers. So you could lay down as clear sheet of cellophane and layer with a colored piece of floral wax paper. Wrap and tie off with a long flowing ribbon. Make a bow with satin ribbon and raffia. Raffia is inexpensive. Use lots of it, just short of taking away from the flowers. The flowers are after all the main event. Raffia ribbon comes in many colors. The raffia brings out the naturalness, garden- like quality of the flowers. You may want to use brown wrapping paper, with a organza ribbon for a European look of just stopping off at the florist on your way home.

I have seen flowers wrapped with the newspaper cartoons as an accent. This may work if it is for a young sick child, or a birthday. Floral and design wax papers can be bought from your local wholesaler. You may want to make the loose flowers into a pageant type presentation bouquet. Tie off with floral bow with long streamers. You may want to loosely arrange the flowers in a nosegay and wrap with cellophane in the color of your choice, for more of a dimensional look.

When wrapping flower do not just lay them on the paper. First, lay down some greens, then add some filler and main flowers. Then repeat, building up as a three- dimensional bouquet, rather than just flowers lying there flat. As an up-sell, tie flowers off with a balloon, a fuzzy, little bear or some chocolates. Always offer water tubes for the ends of the flowers. The customer may not even know they are available. Again, by offering water tubes and explaining what they are and what they are used for, you have just educated another customer. It is especially important to include floral preservative with each bouquet of wrapped flowers. Explain how to use it. By telling your floral customers to re-cut the stems and adding the preservative to the water you will have a happy customer because their flowers will perform better and last longer. I like hearing, “Wow, my flowers lasted two weeks!!”