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Bidflowers – Find Flower Deals. You Search. We Compare.

A new service for finding flower deals has launched. When seeking to send flowers, the process of finding deals on flowers has become increasingly difficult despite the growth of online access to florists and wire services. Bidflowers is a one-stop flower search that enables the visitor to search fulfilling florists, find flower discounts, and send flowers. Bidflowers compares the florist on price, star rating, service capabilities, and customer reviews. Additionally, we allow the customer to immediately see the delivered pricing (e.g. total price) and know if the flowers will be hand delivered or delivered in a box, without an investment of walking through the site’s up-sell clicks or entering any personal information. Regardless of the floral occasion (Birthday Flowers, Valentine’s Flowers, Anniversary Flowers, Get Well Flowers, Wedding Flowers, Funeral Flowers, or Just Because Flowers), Bidflowers helps customers find the best flower deals in an unmatched experience.

Bidflowers was founded with the core objective to improve the customer experience and enable the fulfilling florist. By enabling the fulfilling florist, we serve the customer and vice versa. The fulfilling florist may be a local florist, a grower, or a box florist. However, the fulfilling florist is not the issue at hand; it is all the hands in the value delivery chain. Bidflowers reduces the hands in the delivery chain by bringing value to the customer and the florist. This value, ultimately powered by our Flower Deal Search, will help customers be able to enjoy the beauty and gift of flowers more. The flower customer experience is improved as the customer is empowered with more information to make an informed decision and find the floral service that meets their expectation of value for the price they pay.

The floral industry is in flux right now because, in all the desires to increase sales and improve revenue, the customer has gotten lost in the mix. Sending Flowers is a time-honored way to say thank you, congratulations, or get well. Simply relying on the power of that gift is not enough to retain customers. Today, customers are expecting more for less, because as the world becomes more efficient, we are able to deliver better products in more affordable means. The floral industry, however, has not been keeping up with this consumer expectation. This has led consumers to find other alternatives to getting flowers, or in many cases leaving the flower gift option altogether for a different gift alternative.

Bidflowers enables the florist with many tools to help them more efficiently add to the floral delivery value chain. One of the tools we have made available to florists is the ability to offer Non-published Pricing on Arrangements and Event Services. This allows the florist to offer their best deal at the time, helping them move inventory, cover costs, manage margins, and maintain retail price integrity. Because this often leads to better deals for the customer, it also means more customers flocking to the florist who has the best service capabilities, customer reviews, and flower prices.

Because Bidflowers is not a wire service, florist, grower, or wholesaler, they provide you unbiased comparison of the best flower deals available for a given date, season, and location. Experience the difference in purchasing flowers through Bidflowers.