Send A Flower Delivery To Your Loved Ones In The Philippines

January is a time for beginnings and great flower delivery.

For people whose flower delivery didn’t reach in time for Christmas, or, uhm, worse, forgot to send flowers altogether to their loved ones, January is quite possibly the best time to send them again.

This is what Express Regalo hopes to do. Express Regalo, the new and bustling name in Philippine online flower delivery is ready to process your flower delivery orders in time for Valentine season next month. An affiliate of the LBC Group of Companies, Express Regalo has one simple mission statement: to let overseas Filipino workers send flowers to the Philippines wherever they are in the world, straight to the doorsteps of their loved ones.

And just what a January flower delivery is meant to do for them? Well, it can both mean a post-Christmas and an early-Valentine greeting. In fact, Express Regalo encourages OFWs around the world, and everyone for that matter, to get into the habit of sending flowers to their families and friends. Occasion or no occasion. Much better, if it’s the latter, since your flowery surprise will mean all the world for your recipient. If anything, your loved ones will be wondering all day, whether it is indeed a post-Christmas or a pre-Valentine offering, or whether a birthday or anniversary has come up perhaps. Only you know that there’s simply no reason.

The best reason to send and receive flowers, after all, is for no reason at all but love.

Whether it’s a gorgeous basket of gerberas or a blushing vase of carnations, flowers brighten up any mood. Send a flower gift to your girlfriend in the Philippines and make her the envy of her officemates. Send flowers to your mother and make her feel queenly and special. Deliver flowers to your sister and make her stand out from the lonely crowd. You can even send flowers to your dad, or your bro, or even your granddadin jest, of course, and with all the love. For sure, Express Regalo has masculine flower arrangements for even the most choosy recipient.

Flowers have been known to boost endorphinsthe chemical in our brain that reduces pain and induces a sense of well-being. And, you have to admit, nothing beats getting a flower delivery as you wake up in the morning. It goes well with any room, goes well with anything you wear. And flowers, ladies and gentleman, is the perfect gift, no batteries needed at all.

Flower delivery is just half of the story though, as Express Regalo is your one-stop everything online shopping. Which means, OFWs like you get to browse the site and pick what you want–gift baskets, great Filipino food selections like lechon and sisig pizza, wines, and all sorts of goodies. And after that, your generous surprise is as good as anyone’s guess as Express Regalo’s reliably and unfailingly delivers it to your loved ones. As good as if you were there yourself.