Russian National Flower – Camomile

Apart from convreying affection and feelings, flowers have gone a step further to act as a national symbol for a specific country. National flowers denote specific country like national flower of the US, the UK and the Maldives is Rose, whereas Lotus is the national flower of India, national flower of Holland is Tulip, Russian National flower is Camomile and so on. Every country has its personal national flower and a national flower is not chosen only for its magnificence and splendor but there is a deep significance when some country chooses any flower as its national flower.

Camomile, a bright, aromatic and fruity flower belongs to daisy family, is Russia’s National Flower. This flower is found everywhere in Russia and other areas of the world. Camomile flower looksstunning with dazzling yellow colored center that is encircled with long delicate white petals. The scent is as pleasing as its looks. You will truly adore to gift this beautiful flower to your loved ones. Mostof the public in Russia gift flowers as a token of affection, admiration and appreciation. Apart from its splendor, Camomile has several health benefits too!
– Camomile is used to cure Hysteria and few nervous disorders,
– It assists to avert gangrene,
– It works incredibly to crack typhoid,
– Camomile is used to cure bruises and sprains.
– It effectively heals calluses and corns.
– Oil extracted from blue Camomile acts as an excellent soother.
– You can get temporary relief from severe toothache if you keep some Camomile flowers in your mouth for some time.
– The vapors of Camomile flowers help heal cold and cough and relieve asthma problems in kids.
– Dried Camomile flowers create a {relaxing concoction.
– Camomile tea assists you to settle in a healthier sleeping pattern. It is considered as an efficient soothing herb.
– It is an excellent hair tonic and can be used as a conditioner to get the lustrous shine in your hair.
– You can experience a comfortable and soothing effect if you usually use Camomile flower bags during bathing. You should bind Camomile flowers in a bag while using it for bathing otherwise you feel like as if you are bathing in grass tops.
Thus, Camomile is used as a natural remedy to cure different health disorders in European countries from the olden times.

The distinctive continental weather is good and suitable for cultivation of these flowers and Camomiles are plentifully found in this country. These stunning flowers are grown nearby and in other foreign nations too, but the former are comparatively cheaper. Rather than a flower, Camomile is well thought of as a aromatic plant that can cure several health disorders. These flowers are not only significantly important in a person’s life but also quite important to the all Russians and to the country at all, perhaps the entire world!