Diana Burlacu

Central European University
Department of Political Science

Work package 8 - Voting, Political Parties and the Quality of Governance


This workpackage, the responsibility of CEU, will use data from CSES and EES to address research questions on the comparative effects of performance, issues and ideology on vote choice using advanced statistical techniques. Tasks: 1. Develop literature review, research question and research design; 2. Analyse available data employing advanced quantitative techniques (e.g. multi-level modelling); 3. Issue final report; 4. Produce research paper for submission; 5. Undertake training in key methodologies and complementary skills.


Lead partner institution

Central European University

Start and end dates

1 October 2009 - 30 September 2012

Early Stage Researcher (ESR)

Diana Burlacu

I grew up in Romania and studied at the National School of Political Science and Public Administration, Bucharest (BA in Political Science, 2008) and University of Essex, UK (MA in Political Behaviour, 2009).

My research interests include voting behaviour, comparative political representation, qualitative methodologies, and content analysis.  Studying in different parts of Europe has motivated me to understand and accept the intercultural gap between individuals from different countries.

During my ELECDEM research contract I spent time on secondment at the University of Mannheim (Germany), and TNS BMRB (London UK). 

Final Report - Work package 8 - Voting, Political Parties and the Quality of Governance

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