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Time is money. When purchasing online, spending just a little time can save quite a bit of money. In many cases, with just a few clicks coupon or promotional codes can be found to save anywhere from 1-2% to 50% and more. However, after securing the best price on an item, scouring the internet for applicable coupons and promo codes can be a daunting task. Some persistent purchasers will search for coupons and others will give up and just pay full price out of convenience. There are better and more fruitful options. One is to use a search engine, but this method generally pulls all coupons, whether expired, non-working, or otherwise. A better method is to use a site such as a coupon aggregator like where the coupons are reviewed for their quality and usability and are updated daily to provide only those coupons that are not expired and only those coupons that are legitimate. Coupon codes for everything from apparel to zoo passes can be obtained in a matter of seconds and save time and is a site offers coupon codes and promotional codes for hundreds of popular sites and businesses and is provided to help consumers save money on their purchases.

What was once reserved for grandmothers and people of the Great Depression era, couponing and using coupon codes in general has not only achieved broad societal approval, but has recently become necessary recently in many cases. Computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices have made it easier than ever to locate and use coupons for almost every type of item and service. No longer are people relegated to waiting for the Sunday newspaper to clip coupons for items that are no one wants or uses. Instead, one can search and find coupons for the exact business or item desired. However, whereas before the Sunday paper was the only source of coupons, or occasionally, unadvertised deals at the local stores, today there are literally thousands of sources of deals, coupons, and promo codes. With these numerous sources comes the opposite problemthe flood of information can be overwhelming and time consuming to sort through and find the current, applicable coupon codes for a specific retailer. There are many websites that purport to offer coupons and promotional codes, but they are ultimately either expired, or are random codes that are submitted by anonymous users, where neither the users nor the coupons are confirmed as usable. exists to provide purchasers an easier, more enjoyable shopping experience, while saving money. All coupon codes and promotional codes provided by are tested to ensure validity and are subsequently confirmed by site users. This way, deals are more likely to be obtained because the coupon status can be viewed and used in real-time.

As a pro-savings website, encourages feedback to help improve the overall experience and provide more and better deals to its users. was started with purchasers in mind, and for those who are trying to save money and dont do so only because they dont know how or where to look.