Powering Online Flower Shop With Prestashop

Flowers are the best way to express feelings of pleasures or sorrows and during an occasion whether it is Christmas, weddings, Mothers or Fathers Day, or memorial service flowers are to encapsulate expressive sentiments without words. Yes, message-carrying cards are attached to bouquets or floral wreaths, but they usually intend to make the handouts personalized. Interpretations of these feelings are amazingly identical across the geographical or cultural boundaries. Therefore, flower is an integral part of popular culture holding some kind of positive connotations cross-culture.

Consumption of flowers or cut-flowers is varied from society to society. In few countries, its usage is high while it is low in others. At least, the cut flower is a big industry and producing significant revenues with consumption volume highest in European countries. Historically, Europe has been a top supplier of cut-flowers to different countries around the world. Notably, Miami and New York remained importing destinations of flowers. As time passed and with dissemination of floriculture technology, US and Israel also emerged as major exporters of cut-flowers. However, Europe is still the market leader in the world flower industry.

Internet usage has given a boost to the domestic customer spending on cut-flowers, propelling the commercial floriculture industry. People can now send flowers to persons worldwide by purchasing flowers from online stores dedicated fully to the sale of flowers. This online buying makes it easy for people to search through a long list of flowers while sitting on a chair. The online buying tendency in Europe and US is on the rise.

If you are to start online flower shop, this is a right time to do so. Consumption of cut-flowers in mainly European countries is expected to increase enormously by 2014. Dutch Flower Council in its latest report reveals it is expecting 46 billion Euros spends on consumption of cut flowers in mainly 22 countries mainly from Europe. Potential for artificial flower stores cannot be denied either and online stores can also be deployed for artificial flowers made up from fabrics, clay, or ceramics.

Setting up an online flower store has never been easy. Website templates, premade websites that can also be flexibly customizable, have made the selection process of website designs a click job. PrestaShop templates can be a best choice to create online flower shop. For example, no matter what types of flowers including lily, tulip, rose, cassia fistula, carnations, orchids, violets, or iris you want to set up ecommerce outlet for, PrestaShop flower templates are adaptable to all your needs. It carries exquisite and splendid colors as they are.
PrestaShop is an online shopping cart. It is open-source software and therefore its features and add-ons are developed by a large number of its users and on the back of emerging requirements. It is feature-rich and so far 250 features and 1000 add-ons have been incorporated and the development process is ongoing. Latest version of PrestaShop in the market is named 1.4RC6. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that around 50,000 online shops have been live on PrestaShop websites.

People often criticize additional costs of plug-ins they ought to pay despite acquiring the shopping cart free of cost. Payments on templates e.g. authorized.net and plug-ins like Twitter and Facebook come under criticism. All in all, a PrestaShop online retail shop is built for an average $1,000. Is it something big when compared to capital that must be needed for constructing physical flower shop? Non-technical persons also appreciate easiness of installation and deployment of PS from start to finish.