Pattaya Flower Gardens

Nong Nooch Pattaya flower gardens

In 1954 Mr and Mrs Nong Nooch purchased the land in Pattaya, originally the idea was to use this as farm land but they were inspired by an overseas trip and decided to turn the land into tropical flower gardens. Originally designed for preservation of tropical plant species the gardens were later turned into a recreational and tourist attraction. The word Suan means garden, so the name translated into English means Nong Nooch (family) gardens. The garden is now run by their son Mr. Kampon Tansacha

The Nong Nooch Pattaya flower garden is now a popular attraction and the beautiful garden is now used as a venue to host a number of different events. These events range from flower shows, florist exhibitions, botanical research, preservation, eductation and for the promotion of tourism in Pattaya. The most notable use of the Pattaya Flowers gardens is for the Thai Cultural Show which is a yearly event in Pattaya.

Every day the flower gardens receive over 2000 visitors, many of these vistors come from other areas in Thailand but many travel from other parts of Asia and all over the world to visit these beautiful gardens. The flower gardens are kept in immaculate form and they are constantly being upgraded with new flowers being added on a daily basis.
The Thai cultural show and dances happen every day, the y usually start with The Elephant Show where Elephants are subjected to humiliation by being made to play football, ride motorbikes and dancing. This is one of the more controversial aspects of the flower show and they are considering stopping these performances. To Thai people Elephants are admired and have an almost holy status, but to foreigners and animal rights activists this use of Elephants is often considered unacceptable.

There are several cultural performances per day which include dancing, and theatrical displays of Thai history and culture.

Nong Nuch Flower gardens in Pattaya are situated on the old Sukhumvit Road, which is the joining road between Bangkok and Pattaya. The easiest way from downtown Pattaya to the flower gardens is by Taxi. Local flower garden tours can also be booked from travel agents in Pattaya. Shop around for the best prices since they can vary significantly.