Pattaya Florist Wins Chelsea Garden Flower Show

Nongnuch Botanical Garden won the prestigious Asian Culture and Plants Gold Medal at the 2010 Chelsea Garden Flower show. The announcement was made by the Nongnuch Garden Director Dr. Kamphon Tonsatja who confirmed that a Pattaya florist had won the prestigious award. The floristry association of Thailand was delighted by the announcement and there are plans to present again at next years show. This was Thailands first entry into the completion and Thai people were very proud to have won the Gold Medal at this prestigious event.

The floral exhibit was designed to showcase the diverse and interesting culture of Thailand. The flower arrangement consisted of a number of valuable Buddhist statues and a Spirit House, surrounded by some of the beautiful plants which are native to Thailand and other parts of South East Asia. The flower arrangement represented Thailands culture, heritage and customs with different parts of the flower arrangement representing the different aspects of Thai life and calendar.

The award was presented to by the RHS, the Royal Horticultural Society which was set up over 200 years ago. The RHS is the sponsor of The Chelsea Flower Show, one of the worlds premier flower shows.

Members of the British Monarchy commented that Thailands exhibit and said it was a vibrant display of flowers and an incredible display of tropical plants and statues.

The leading temple in Pattaya Flowers has decided to have the flower display returned to Thailand where it will be used as part of the ornamentation for the morning call to prayer for the monks. The flowers will be refreshed on a daily basis. The gold medal is currently being displayed in Pattaya at the Nongnuch Gardens one of the

The Nonnuch flower garden is a beautiful oasis of plants, tropical ferns and palms and a place for Pattaya florists to showcase their beautiful flower arrangements. Other attractions of the Nongnuch Gardens include Thai culture performances, elephant shows, boating, walking and jogging.