Opening A Florist Shop – Promoting Your Business

Thinking of starting a flower shop of your very own? Afraid you might not be able to face the challenges that are inevitable? All you need is the right guide in marketing your florist business. Finding customers may sound tough, but once you’re on the right track, things can never go wrong. Whether you are working in your own shop or just from home, you can simply start off with people who know you and trust you.

The first thing you have to do is make a list of people or prospects. Look through your mobile phone’s phonebook and text or call each and every single one of them. Ask your contacts if they plan on having a party and if they need your help in decorating and flower arrangements. Offer your services at a low price, but not too low that your income or profit will be sacrificed. If the person you contact isn’t up for any parties anytime soon, try asking if they can refer you to anyone who might need a florist. You’ll be surprised at how your prospect list will grow by just doing this.

Creating mini arrangements and delivering them free of charge to local business can add plus points for you. Deliver them to places like wedding planners, party supply stores, funeral homes and other venues that may be interested in your works of art. Place your business card or a flyer that includes the services you offer. Have some sort of promo that gives customers a special introductory price to attract them. Also, ponder on having an advertisement in your local radio station or newspaper.

Some small business owners submit press releases as this is a great way for the media to promote your establishment. This won’t even cost you a thing if you send them a great story about your business. Have a good friend write a review about your store opening and send it to the local paper. Analyze what your target market is: working professionals, college students, business people and others. Ask yourself who is buying flowers in your community and what for. If you offer more value and unique products, faster service, delivery during weekends and evening people will want to acquire your service.

Promote your small business in social networking sites and ask help from friends and family members in doing this. You can also post your ads in your profile and add people who live within your area. Post updates and promos that you have or create a contest that can spark the interest of your prospective customers. Opening a florist shop of your very own can be exciting especially when you put your heart into it.