Ninagawa real flower cross design high jeans

Senior denim brand 7 For All Mankind and the well-known Japanese photographer Ninagawa real flowers (Mika Ninagawa) moncler jackets created a limited edition product line will debut in China. This limited series is a unique personality and originality of the 7 For All Mankind and real flowers Ninagawa a collaboration. Ninagawa’s photographs focus on the real flower originality, to inspire the viewer. Mika Collection is a senior denim brand 7 For All Mankind for the first time with the photographers, the photographs into the design.

Ninagawa real flower photography style, praised by the industry, fully compliant with 7 For All Mankind philosophy of cooperation: the selection of those unique things remain consistent for the pursuit, and a high degree of enthusiasm for the creative work of partners. Ninagawa real flowers really good at moncler outlet nature, still life, stressed shooting flowers, goldfish, bright colors and landscape, photography style is impressive. Ninagawa is Japan’s most actually spend a topic of conversation, but also the most popular photographers. Her unique style of photography, professional photographer through a unique aesthetic vision of the bright colors and mix and match the characteristics of pop art. Now hand Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara will be hailed as world-renowned artists, the influence of a great hill of Tokyo-fu Teng Gallery U.S., is the real flower Ninagawa affiliation. December 2008 by the Tokyo Opera City real flowers Ninagawa held solo exhibition “Ninagawa real flowers – – ground of flowers, the sky’s color,” were exhibited in five galleries, attracted over one hundred and eighty thousand art lovers. In addition to individual performances and exhibitions, Ninagawa published several real flower photography collection, the latest photography collection will be the fall of 2010 by the Rizzoli Publishing House. Ninagawa actually spent more than a magazine fashion magazine photography has been published, including the Japanese version of Vogue, Japanese version of Elle, the Japanese version of Dazed & Confused, and Harper’s Bazaar. Ninagawa actually spent on the expansion of personal creativity never stop, for the first time directed the film “Sakuran” to participate in the 57th Berlin International Film Festival and the 31st Hong Kong International Film Festival and was named the former “special screening unit” – – a film industry awards. Ninagawa actually spent on each of the achievements of art are well received, she and her 7 For All Mankind’s latest results of cooperation will be no exception.

Ninagawa real flowers, said: “and 7 For All Mankind design team, my photographs into prints, coupled with the brand’s classic tailoring and washing effect, for me it is very instructive experience. Arts and fashion mix and match is something I agree with the attempt. I very much enjoy blend of two worlds, creating a fashion collection of this wonderful process. ”

7 For All Mankind jeans, and the production of high-level blend of seven kinds of casual clothing styles and style Ninagawa real flower flowers photography, to create a fresh sensibility, it is the dream of a new moncler outlet. Women’s series includes two T-shirts, ice blue roses were used and the beautiful lily print. Image is sublimated into the fabric, covering the whole T-shirt, some small creases to maintain color, in order to achieve multi-level effects. 7 For All Mankind’s classic pants “Gwenevere” delicate black floral printed silk screen printing. “The Boyfriend” from under the trousers to see a touch of extravagant floral lining. Men’s line includes moncler jackets with black and gray T-shirt design perspective, orchids, and flowers printed on bright vine Ninagawa real photo T-shirt. 7 For All Mankind’s most personal of the men’s trousers “The Rhigby” Yi Yi screen printed on black Ninagawa real flower vine pattern.