New Accessories of CarSolar Energy Flower

Nowadays, more and more people have their private cars, then the car accessories market is booming. The car accessories could be divided into two parts, the outside and the inside. Generally, the exterior decoration is a little professional, it is difficult for normal people, while the internal one is easier. Recently, solar energy flower is becoming the new fashion as car decoration and many families put this in their cars.

The design principle of solar energy flower is just as its name implies, it does not need any energy except solar power. There is a sunshine receiver mouth in the front of flowerpot which also called IC interface. It is the main part of this accessory as it absorb the sunlight, then use the power supply principle of the A-Si solar battery to translate solar energy to kinetic energy. As a result, we could see the movement of the flower. It is very interesting and fanny. Except the flower look, there also many other animal mouldings like monkey and cat. Not only adults like, children are also like this new invention very much. Image how lovely if those little plants or animals shaking their hands and smiling to you. Well, solar energy flower could bring people good mood and it also could be a good present.

What’s more, except the lovely moulding, solar energy flower is also welcomed by someone who likes planting but has no time to do. This invention meets the need of environmental-friendly. Without any external power, IC mouth collects the sunshine and turns it to solar energy. Looking this flower, our mood could become clear and bright as if we were in the garden. Some people like plants, but many of them do not have time to take care of them. Then this solar flower is a good choice, sunshine is its nutrient, we do not need to remember when to water or loose the soil.

All in all, owing a private plant is a happy thing. Solar energy flower could not only bring you relaxed mood, but also the convenience. Hoping everyone could have their lucky plant.