Negative Effects Of Pueraria Mirifica

Pueraria mirifica is largely touted as a wonder herb within the herbal treatment circles. They have been claims that this herb is the fountain of youth formula, more so to women approaching menopause.

What most of these advertisements do is highlight the positive effects of the herbal supplements while downplaying any potential negative side effects. However, there is a rationale behind this marketing gimmick; most studies have shown no serious side effects as a result of taking small recommended doses of these supplements.

Heavy dosage of any drug, natural or artificial is bound to harm the body. And this also holds true for the wonder native Thai vine.

Some of the potential benefits touted by Pueraria enthusiasts are unproven and others are blatant lies. The US Federal Trade Commission has in fact moved to take action against cosmetic and supplement manufacturers who make such fraudulent claims with the intention of duping innocent consumers with promises that have no scientific basis.

The active root extract of the plant is processed by bio-chemical companies and made available to consumers in several forms. This includes: pills, creams, sprays and gels. The common pill supplements contain 80 to 1000mg of pm per dose. Most retailers usually recommend a higher dosage if you are seeking faster results.

Make a point of seeking medical advice from your doctor or pharmacist regarding mirifica and any other natural or artificial supplements before you experiment with them.

Do not take the word of advisements as the gospel truth. These companies will tell you exactly what you need to hear but your general practitioner will help dispel the myths and half-truths.

It can be difficult, for example, for an overweight smoker to feel the effects of a certain natural supplement than it is for a physically fit person.

Your health before and during menopause is determined by a combination of factors least of all one miracle wonder drug.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle and pop those supplements only to boost your immunity. The body has natural ways of adapting to such physical changes as they occur during menopause and you need not fight it.

If need be, use natural supplements only to ward off some of the unpleasant symptoms associated with menopause.

However, should you note any negative symptom(s) linked to the herbal medication like headache, nausea, mild anemia, vaginal spotting and early or delayed periods, discontinue the treatment with immediate effect.