Must See in Rome The Trevi Fountain

Rome, the eternal city, is a place you visit once and never forget. Rome was built to amaze the tourists and to get them viewing its ancient past and ruins. The amazing structures shout out the vibrancy the city embodies. It’s amazing how people once visit this mystical place and just can’t get enough of all the scintillating beauty it has in every structure. One such structure is the Trevi Fountain.

Standing guardian to billions, with a picturesque background of the Palazzo Poli, and having weathered the flurry of history for centuries, stands the unmoved chronicled Fontana di Trevi. Also known as The Trevi Fountain, located in the city of Rome, the Trevi Fountain was first drafted by Pope Nicholas V in 1453 A.D. Although the present shape of it was administered by Giuseppe Pannini and the design was developed by Nicholas Salvi in1762, bold colonnades, domes, light, color effects, and the volume and void give it a classical look of Baroque architecture.

The whole fountain is 25.9 meters high and 19.8 meters wide, making it the largest Baroque fountain in the city, and one of the most famous fountains in the world. In a symbolic representation, Tritons the sea Gods and Goddesses tames Hippocampus the sea horse, symbolizing human perseverance against the wrath of nature in the form of water. From the elevation the scene is dominated by a tall Arch, which is so tall that it’s difficult to stop looking at it. An attic statue and a balustrade surmount four columns of the Corinthian. The balance and symmetry at the center is maintained by a gigantic niche.

Apart from the beauty and the scenery, another reason that people go to this place is the tradition of coin throwing. It is considered that the bottom of the fountain symbolizes the sea. A traditional legend says that if a single coin is dropped by the right hand over the left shoulder into the fountain this will ensure a safe return to Rome, two coins ensure a romantic love affair and three a divorce. Thousands of tourists visit the fountain and this continues the tradition. An estimated 3000 Euros worth of coins are collected from the fountain every day. This money is further used to subsidize various markets in Rome for the poor and needy people.

Various famous Hollywood movies have captured the beauty of these fountains. Three Coins in the Fountain, Fontanaie d Roma, and Eat Love Pray are some of the more notable ones that you may have heard of. It has also been featured in the movie Fontane Di Rima, and was also the setting for the amazing and legendary scene in the movie La Dolce Vita starring Marcello Mastroianni. Quite amazingly, when the actor died the fountain was draped in black in his remembrance.

Having foreseen six centuries of awe-inspiring life, praising the wonder of this statue would be an understatement in itself. The Trevi Fountain is a unique fusion of beauty, hope, authority and immutability.

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