Mantis Electric Garden Tiller Its A Winner For Home Gardens

Mantis Electric Garden Tiller Its a Winner for Home Gardens

I’m not usually one to boast about things that happen to me, but I need to boast–boast about the Mantis Electric Garden Tiller! I belong to the Saturday Morning Garden Club. Last month we decided to raise money to put in a garden at the public library. We discussed having an auction, a plant sale, or a raffle. Then someone came up with the idea of selling tickets for a garden tour–people would be able to come visit each of our gardens, sip some tea or lemonade, and ask questions. At their last stop, people would fill out a form indicating whose garden they were the most impressed with. A prize would be given to the top gardener and the proceeds from the tour would be used for the library garden.

We each had three weeks to get our gardens in tiptop shape for our viewers. Some of the gardens are amazing! They contain ponds, water features, specialty gardens, and so much more. While having lunch with Lilly and Jack, they talked about all the work they were going to do to get ready. Lilly wanted to add a lily garden and Jack was going to rent some big machine and practically redo his entire garden! Thinking about Jack’s plan, Lilly thought she would have her husband haul out his heavy duty tiller and redo one of her gardens.

I couldn’t afford to redo my one and only garden. I have a micropond with water lilies and forget-me-nots. Around the pond are all sort of greens and two large honeysuckle bushes, which the humming birds just love. The area is fenced in with white fencing loaded with climbing ivy. Facing the pond is a small brick patio with two rugged wooden benches. That’s it.

After we finished our lunch, I went home to look at my water garden. It has potential I thought…trying to forget the big plans that Fred and Lilly had! The only thing I wasn’t happy about was seeing weeds growing in between some of the bricks and along the fencing. My neighbor had just purchased a mantis tiller and I asked her if I could borrow it. I was amazed at how easy it was to use, and that it was light enough to move around! I just had to plug it in, pull the trigger and the weeding was done within minutes! When I returned the tiller, I joked that I was going to “forget” that I borrowed it and just keep it!

We had perfect weather for the day of the garden tour. After counting a hundred people who stopped by to see my water garden, I lost count. I knew people were enjoying the fresh lemonade and cookies, and some sat on the benches for quite a few minutes. People were amused by the frogs, dragonflies, humming birds and the fish–especially when I fed the fish watermelon rind from my hand. I knew my little garden probably didn’t stand a chance again the big gardens, but I enjoyed meeting people and watching them enjoy time by the pond.

Later that night we had a meeting to find out who the winner was and to see how much money we raised for the library garden. We raised a substantial amount and by the end of the month, the library with its garden will look absolutely spectacular!

And the winner of the contest? My water garden!!!!!!!!!! Frank and Lily looked a little shocked, but eventually they congratulated me. And here’s the best part. I won a Mantis Electric Garden Tiller!!! I am so thrilled!!!