Make Your Ascot Hat With Artificial Flowers

Ladies day at Ascot offers a rare occasion for women to get dressed up, pull out their high heels and enjoy a day out at the races. The fashions displayed at this annual event are almost as important as the racing, most significantly the headwear. One online retailer specialises in artificial flowers, ribbons and all of the other items required to produce a hat that really will stand out from the crowd this June.

This company believes that some of the most creative hats that they have seen at Ascot have been those made by hand, by the wearer. Whats more whilst designer hats can be relatively expensive, producing a hat using the products available through their site will cost a fraction of the price.

Floral has been all the rage amongst the top designers in their spring/summer collections, making flowers the perfect, high-fashion choice for women of all ages attending Ascot this year. They have a range of artificial flowers available to choose from including contemporary silver lilies and brightly coloured silk options, through to realistic roses.

For those looking for a more muted design, a simple hat with a ribbon could be the ideal option. This specialist supplies a huge variety of ribbons that can be used for this purpose or to attach artificial flowers and other accessories to the headwear.

They also supply crinoline for hats, this creates a layered effect on a range of hats or can be used to create fascinators when combined with a headband. Crinoline is available in a selection of colours including crimson, pink, blue, turquoise and traditional black or white. For those looking to cheat slightly this year, this retailer has some ready-made crinoline hats available to buy through their website too.

Whatever look you would like to create for Ladies day at Ascot this June, take a look through the artificial flowers, ribbons and crinoline available on their website for a little inspiration. Their website is extremely easy to use and once ordered, you could be well on your way to creating a unique hat in just days.