Make A Wedding Flower Centerpiece Statement With These Creative Ideas

Wedding centerpiece flowers add excitement and elegance. They carry the colors, shapes and themes from the bridal party into other areas for guest to enjoy.

Just as a simple meal can be transformed into an elegant one simply by placing it on a china plate instead of a paper plate, a simple room can be transformed into an elegant romantic setting. It doesn’t always have to be an over the top arrangement filled with expensive flowers to make a statement.

It can be as simple as tall cylinder vases filled with a single floral stem or floating candles. Use a mirror circle as a base to reflect the candle or to enhance the flower stem. This will make it appear larger than it actually is.

Placing tea lights in a circle around a tall vase with a few flowers is another elegant way to bring excitement to the table.

Simple arrangements of mixed greenery can be very beautiful as table centerpieces. This idea is easier on the budget especially if cuttings come from a home garden. They can either be tall showy arrangements in trumpet vases or long, low ones. A mixture of fern, ivy, lemon leaf, pampas grass or lily grass makes a very lovely combination.

To add color to an arrangement of greenery, a single flower can be placed inside the vase with the greenery arrangement in a floral dish resting on top of the vase. Rose petals can be scattered around the vase on the table.

An added bonus of this arrangement is that it can be made well in advance especially if it is a DIY wedding. The rose petals and/or candles can be placed at the last minute for a stress free event.

A collection of cylinder or rectangular vases of different heights is probably one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to make a big statement with a small budget. Not only is is it less expensive it can be so elegant that it is often chosen when cost is not a concern.

Here are two of my favorite ways to incorporate these vases. One is to fill the vases with water and use floating candles. Place the vase on a mirror square or circle. Framed mirror in a beautiful silver or gold frame will add a warm reflection and enhance the centerpiece.

Another way is to place clear pebbles in the bottom of the vase about 1/3 from the bottom. Add water just below the top of the pebbles. Insert short stems of roses so that they are inside of the vase. Add rose petals around the vases. With a few stems of roses and a few vases, a very elegant and expensive look will wow your guests.

For a fun, whimsical centerpiece try filling vases with chocolate candy. Mirrors and candles can also be added for elegance. Any shape and size vase will work as well as any candy. Wrapped candy can be strewn around on the table in place of flower petals. Try mixing the candy. For example, if you use wrapped candy, use some with gold wrappers with some with brown wrappers.

More expensive unwrapped chocolate in white and dark can be mixed for a stunning display.

Photos of the couple from childhood through the present always makes for an interesting display. They can either be framed in small frames and placed down the center of the table, in albums, black and white photos placed directly on the table look great, or an impressive slide show can be played on a large screen. Photos taken by guests throughout the wedding can be uploaded and played on the slide show.

For low centerpieces try placing stems of fern in a random pattern down the center of the table. Add candles, flower petals, or photos. A fun theme could include small toys favored by the bride and groom with their favorite childhood candy.

An elegant low centerpiece using a simple vase of flowers is always beautiful.

Sheet moss makes a wonderful base for any centerpiece. From simple rose petals sprinkled across the top to holding elegant stems of orchid. It is an organic addition that will extend the size of the centerpiece.