Luxurious Fountain Pens Can Be Cost-efficient!

Despite what most people seem to think – fountain pens are not as expensive as they once were. When these first started getting really popular in the retail world they cost a few hundred dollars. But now you can find them to be quite inexpensive especially when buying from countries such as Europe and China. One of the main reasons these types of pens are so popular is because to write with them is like walking on air – its almost effortless.

This is also a fantastic option for those people that have problems with arthritis because you don’t have to “bear down” on the tip as hard. Personally for me, I love the way they write. It’s just a really nice look to it. Very fancy looking.

One thing I have always wanted to learn is Calligraphy and these types of pens are the perfect way to get started! Fountain pens are also known for their longevity. While pens such as ball points will need to either be changed or thrown out, fountains are known for lasting a lifetime – literally!

Many users also mention that fountain pens retain a sense of timeless elegance, personalization and sentimentality that computers and ballpoint pens seem to lack, and often state that once they start using fountain pens, ballpoints become awkward to use due to the extra motor effort needed and lack of expressiveness. There are a few different brands you might try to look out for when buying a fountain pen.

Some of the top brands are ones such as Pelikan fountain pens, Waterman Expert fine point fountain pen, and Picasso. But the styles vary by – you. You can go from really extravagant with something like the Pelikan Souveran to really plain like the Pilot 78G. Or maybe you like a Japanese flair, Marbleized, Gold, Silver, Pink, Brushed, Patted, Combed, Wispy, etc.

Your fountain pen can match whatever style you want. Personally I like the Leonardo Pen – its very classy but it also has that look that demands respect. These are all really terrific pens that can be found online and for a really awesome price! One thing I would suggest looking for is a store that specializes in JUST fountain pens and nothing else.

Or just pens and nothing else. These sites are the ones that are going to have to most variety and have the best prices for you. Also, as a side note – be sure to take a look at the “cartridge”. Some fountain pens include a cartridge like that of a ball point pen (tubing) while others will not.

You can even find some really old-time fashioned ones where you will actually dip the point into ink. Again, whatever you want – you can have! I really do suggest trying one of these out though. The writing is lovely and the amount of “pressure” it takes to write is like nothing you have ever known before!