Lighthouse Themed Decor

If you love the romanticism of a lighthouse, you might want to use a lighthouse theme to decorate part of your home. With many lighthouse-themed items available, you can turn a bedroom, den, or bathroom into your own shoreline. Of course, pictures are always handy but you can find even more unique items such as jewelry boxes and miniature models.

Using several different types of lighthouse items, you will create a full experience rather than just a single focal point on a picture. Using a three-dimensional lighthouse plaque can had depth and texture to an otherwise bland wall. Even the coloring of the items can be useful. Instead of choosing the traditional red and white, you choose a color that blends in with colors of your choice.

You can add even more creativity by including items related to lighthouses. If you are decorating a bathroom, the soap dish could be in the shape of a rowboat. Lotion dispensers can also reflect theme as well as toothbrush holders and other items. Instead of a traditional picture, you can mount a piece of stained glass decorated with the lighthouse theme as if it were a picture.

Other rooms can also incorporate the theme. The bedroom can make use of bedding with the lighthouse and shoreline theme. A beautiful clock with a picture or a sculpture can accent the wall. Many shoreline items such as shells, boats, and nets could also serve as accents in the bedroom. One shelf I have seen is enclosed in the shape or a rowboat standing on end. With this cute shelf, you can set lighthouse shaped candles and other trinkets out to help carry the theme. A fishing net would fit the theme as it is draped above the bed.

If you want to share your passion over lighthouses with your guests, the living room can display unique lighthouse decor. You can place items that you have collected on the occasional tables in the room. A large sofa painting could balance the room with a beautiful shoreline scene. You don’t have to limit yourself to the traditional decorations, either. A lighthouse-shaped floor lamp would be a great addition. You could even find an old wooden pilot’s wheel and place glass in the center to create a unique coffee table.

Your lighthouse decor does not have to stay inside. Of course, the paintings won’t hold up, but you can add lighthouse yard decorations to your flower garden or walkway. Birdhouses and fountains in the shape of lighthouses will bring your theme outside for all to see. You could create a potted plant garden in an old rowboat or recreate a rocky shoreline with a rock garden. Whichever form of lighthouse decor you choose, you can find many items to help you share your love of lighthouses with others.