Lanier Fountain Pens A Perfect Blend Of The Past & The Present

Going Back In Time With Fountain Pens?

Years ago, fountain pens were the only type of pen that could be used for writing. If you have ever read anything that was hand written a hundred years ago, you will notice the fine script writing. This is partly due to the fact that people 100 years ago did not have ball point pens but used fountain pens as writing instruments. If you thought that fountain pens were a thing of the past, think again.

Straddling The Old & The New With Lanier Fountain Pens

Lanier Pens, a quality handcrafted pen company, makes a large assortment of fountain pens that can be given as fine gifts for those with discerning taste in writing instruments. Fountain pens can be used for every day use or for special correspondence. However, the Lanier fountain pens are not like those that were used by your great- great-grandparents or even your grandparents. The new fountain pens that are made by Lanier pens have exotic hardwood casings, iridium-tipped German fountain pen nib and a sealed ink cartridge. No more ink blots on paper or having to use an ink well. You can get the quality smooth writing of a fountain pen without the messy ink spills.

Hand-Crafted Fountain Pens

If you are looking for a perfect corporate gift or even a college graduation gift, you should consider purchasing a hand-crafted fountain pen from Lanier Pens. There are several different types of fountain pens made by Lanier and all come with replaceable ink cartridges. These hand crafted wooden fountain pens also come in a variety of different exotic and burl woods. They are precision made, highly polished writing instruments that are sleek and smooth and a pleasure to write with. The writing style that you can effect when using a fountain pen resembles fine script and will impress anyone to whom you write a handwritten note.

From the elegant cigar fountain pens to the more sleek styled classic fountain pens, giving a gift like a Lanier pen is something that will truly stand out. In addition to the high quality fountain pens offered by this company, there are also pencils available as well as gift sets. You can purchase a fine gift set in an engraved box or just have the wooden pen engraved.

There is a choice of either blue or black ink cartridges for the handcrafted fountain pens made by Lanier. All of the woods used in the pen body are made from exotic woods such as cocobolo, box elder and a variety of burls, to name a few. The designs are one of a kind and truly exquisite.

Lanier Fountain Pens For Every Occasion

Whether you are choosing a corporate gift, graduation gift or even a gift for wedding party members, you should consider purchasing one of the many different styles of fountain pens made by Lanier Pens. Once a person gets used to using a fountain pen, it is difficult to go back to using an ordinary ball point pen. When looking at the vast selection offered by Lanier pens, you may decide to even purchase one of these beauties for yourself. If you do, be forewarned that there is no going back to cheap pens once you have written with a high quality writing instrument made by Lanier pens.

If you think that a high quality fountain pen that is handcrafted by a quality company like Lanier Pens is way out of your price range, think again. Fountain pens made by Lanier start at only $60. When you consider the fact that the pen is something that will last a lifetime and can be personally engraved, you realize that this is quite a bargain.