Kabbalah – the Fountain of Youth

We have searched for the ?Fountain of Youth? for lifetimes. We?ve heard stories that tell of a mystical spring that grants eternal youth and vitality to all who drink from it. It?s the stuff of fairytales. Or is it?

Physical longevity is a hot topic these days. You read about several technologies which offer new and plausible methods such as regenerative medicine, bio-technological advances, and stem cell investigation, that hold the promise of increased life spans as we search for ways to become immortal.

Dr. Patrick Dixon explains in his presentation titled Biotech/Genetic Revolution: Impact on Education and Ageing, that in America alone there are 75,000 individuals more than the age of 100 and there are technologies capable of increasing that number to over 140,000 within the next 5 or 6 many years. These medical advances have already been used to repair a person’s brain after a stroke and to repair one’s spinal cord using one’s own tissue.

Our idea of adolescence utilized to become “till 18,” but now it can be upwards to 30 years old or much more. Several of us who have youngsters know this to be true. Our kids come home at 33 with the laundry in tow when things don?t work out. Folks are waiting longer to have youngsters, occasionally even into their 40?s. The truth is, biologically, we’re 10 years younger than our parents were at the same age, and also the idea of “staying young forever” is becoming more and much more real.

But why is the concept of physical immortality so seductive? Why do folks want to live forever? Most likely, so they can continue to expertise the world and all the pleasures it has to offer. Nevertheless, the wisdom of Kabbalah explains that you can find eternal pleasures waiting for us, and in reality, we don’t have to extend the life of our physical bodies so as to expertise them.

The Path to Eternity

Kabbalah is referred to as the ?wisdom on the hidden? due to the fact it discloses the part of reality that may be hidden from our five senses. Throughout history, scientific investigation and advancements have usually come from our desire to know what is hidden from our 5 senses. But the scientific study has only expanded the range of our senses via instruments like x-ray machines and telescopes, yet none of these technologies have actually researched something beyond the perception of the five senses

Allegorically speaking, man is like a ?black box,? which feels, understands and perceives only what enters it via its five ?openings.? Hence, in all our investigations, we’re limited by our five senses. And all in the external instruments which we develop, or which we’re to build inside the future, cannot escape the limitations with the five senses. Thus, in order to perceive beyond our 5 senses, we need to learn the best way to produce a new ?opening? within the box, or in simpler words, the way to develop a new sense.

Kabbalists explain that each individual has the ability to develop a sense that is able to perceive a broader, comprehensive realm of reality, beyond time and space. We might refer to it as ?the soul,? but in truth, it works just like any other sense, only on a higher level of consciousness, beyond that which relates to our physical body.

Kabbalah is really a quite powerfull process of controling your thoughts and entire body and 1 can use it to find peace and harmony in ones existence. many people have found Kabbalah to become a spiritual awakening that they have been searching for their entire lifes. If you would like to find out much more about Kabbalah it is possible to visit: