Interior Decorating Ideas Using Cladding Stone

I love interior decorating! There is nothing better than transforming a dull room into something completely fresh and fab, using your own creative ideas. One material which can help you turn a boring wall into a wonderful aesthetic feature is cladding stone. Cladding stone creates a visual and textural component to interior decorating, whether it be for an interior or exterior space. There are so many uses for cladding stone as well as designs and colours that you can choose from, to create any look without the expense of having a fully bricked wall. Here is some information on cladding stone as well as some great interior decorating ideas.

Cladding stone, also known as simulated stone, are flat pieces of stone in different shapes and sizes applied to another wall not made of stone. Cladding stones gives the appearance of a solid stone wall, when in fact it is just the surface of the wall which has been covered. Cladding stone comes in a variety of colours as well. Cladding stone is lightweight and can save costs of building materials.

Interior decorating ideas.

Give a make- over to one of your walls be using cladding stone and the correct light fittings adding instant glamour and modernism. Get some inspiration from these examples. Let us start our way from outside and work our way in.

Front Wall

First impressions last! If your front walls are high using cladding stone on the wall can give it an old fortress feel. And if you combine it with in-ground lights it can lend to a very theatrical feel when one comes onto your property.

Courtyard wall

Another exterior area which can be transformed is your courtyard. Courtyards are often spaces which do not get utilized properly. Use cladding stone to spruce up the walls add a fountain element to the wall, a lovely table and chairs and voila! Be sure to use a wall which can be clearly seen from the inside of your house. This will make your interior space seem bigger by drawing the eye outside of the house.

Kitchen wall

You can use cladding stone on your kitchen wall as well. Placing cladding stone on your kitchen wall behind the stove area serves two functions: one- it is visually appealing; two- cooking splatters can be easily cleaned.

Indoor/ Outdoor area

Cladding stone can be used to connect different sections of the house. If you have a patio and want to create an indoor/outdoor living space, you can use cladding stone on the wall joining the interior and exterior. This once again creates a continuous flow which makes the house seem bigger as well as connects the two spaces.


Fireplaces are often just paid attention to in winter, yet it is a great space to draw attention to by using cladding stone. Combine grey or natural concrete cladding stone and a steel fireplace frame for an ultra modern look. Or for a log cabin feel, you can use bigger cladding stone in beige and cream colour stone.

Cladding stone, is durable, cost effective, versatile, low maintenance and gives instant appeal to any room!