Information About Rose Flower

Roses are flowering perennials of the genus Rosa. You can find more than 100 species of roses, and there are countless subspecies and cultivars. Rose flower is undeniably fragrant and beautiful, and its fragrance is also among the most popular flowers in the world. Their fragrance and the beauty that they are famous for is what makes these flowers so highly sought after in all parts of the world. Most of the rose species are native to Asia, with a few native to Europe, Northwest Africa and North America. Rose flower vary quite a bit in size.

The most popular color is red as those flowers symbolize love and passion. In ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome, they were associated with goddesses of love. Red roses are a favorite gift for Valentines Day and the flowers come in many different shades of red. You can find roses in other colors as well, such as: blues, whites, pinks and yellows (these flowers are often hybrid). Different cultivars have been developed to emphasize color, scent, shape, size and disease resistance, among many other attributes.

The edible fruits produced from this flower is called rose hips and many people believe the fruit has healing properties. An aromatic oil that is made by steam-distilling petals of rose, known as Attar of Rose, has been used by people as an element in perfumes for centuries. Almost all cut roses that are sold by florists today are the hybrid tea variety. Roses can grow as vine-like climbers or as bushes, and depending, the blossoms can set singly on its individual stems or also in clusters of up to a dozen on a single spray.

Artificial varieties of rose are abundantly available. They are used in displays in many homes. These favorites are often copied and then presented in a slew of different materials (often in silk material). Roses are reproduced more than any other flower.