Infiorata Di Noto – The Mesmerizing Sicilian Flower Festival

When it comes to festival, no other country can compete with Italy. Every month in Italy celebrates at least one festival. Especially when it comes to spring, every day is special. Festivals in Italy are always colorful. Spring is a month filled with colorful flowers and festivals. One such colorful festival is the Infiorata di Noto, celebrated in the panoramic city of Noto, located in the southeast cost of Sicily.
Noto by itself is a beautiful place and it is a UNESCO world heritage site. When it comes to spring, the scenic city is filled with beautiful flowers and thus Italians make use of these colorful flowers to decorate the pavement of the city. Noto flower festival is celebrated in the third weekend of May. This festival dates back over 200 years and it was held in Genzano for Corpus Domini. This province still celebrates this festival.
Noto flower festival begins on a Friday where all the participants including foreigners gather in the streets of Noto and begin their decorative work on the allotted place. Here, people also set up shops.
To begin with, artists start working along the palace-lined street; they draw the outline of their art with a special kind of organic soil. Their creations surround a particular theme. Designs developed by then are mostly influenced by famous artists and religious paintings. Once the outline is over, they filled them with colorful flower petals and natural materials such as wood pieces, seeds, leaves, etc.
Local and foreign artists create an artistic colorful carpet that stretches along the length of the street. Man-made petal mosaics are open to the public on Saturday and Sunday. These artistic designs give a better view when looked from high balconies near the flower carpet. They provide a kaleidoscopic design when viewed from above.
This flower festival is accompanied by several events such as musical shows, parades and sideshows to create the carnival atmosphere. On Monday, children are made to run over the flower carpet to destroy them. The reason behind children being made to run on this flower carpet is to represent symbolically that older force can be destroyed by the young generation to bring in renewal.
Though the festival ends when children run and destroy the carpet, the whole month celebrates the flower festival with many cultural activities. There may be many monuments and museums that have become tourist attractions in Italy, but the country always has a special place for festivals that remind the Italian traditions. Plan a trip to Italy by making use of Italy travel tips provide by