Indulge Yourself In The Portmeirion Botanic Garden Dinnerware

For people looking to beautify their dinner tables with exquisite earthenware this festive season and any other special occasion, the Portmeirion botanic garden dinnerware is the way to go. This classic dinnerware set is the work of Susan William Ellis. Her tableware designs were inspired by the 19th century guidebooks on herbals and botany. Each piece in this set is hand painted with awesome spring flowers, daisies, rhododendrons, forget-me-nots, speedwells, pansy and sweet pea. The flower images are also accompanied by either a dragonfly or butterfly. There is also the characteristic simple leafy green border which seems to be the trademark of Portmeirion dishware. This earthenware is glazed to protect the exquisite paintings from scratches or fading.

For years these dinnerware have graced the dining tables of the rich and famous and now its everybodys turn to catch a feel of Portmeirion botanic garden dinnerware. This earthenware is crack-resistant and can therefore easily commute between the microwave, dishwasher and the freezer. They can also withstand temperatures of about 200 degrees. The manner in which the paintings are laconic and well centred makes the plates and bowls look classic. These ceramics are tough but at the same time beautiful making them the best choice among other brands of dishware. The plates are considerably deep at about while the clear hardened glasses embellished with flower paintings are about 1/16 thick with an extra weighted base to improve stability. The set also consists of equally beautiful placemats made from hard cork finished off with resin.

With the beautiful summer flowers on the Portmeirion botanic garden dinnerware you will be able to add more grace and happiness to your dinner table throughout the year. Other than being excellent Christmas gifts, the Portmeirion earthenware sets fine quality and everlasting glamour makes for gracious gifts for newlyweds. There is absolute excellent value for money in this exclusive dinnerware. For collectors, the Portmeirion dinnerware is also an excellent choice to invest in. This fact is attributed to the timeless designs, and excellent ceramic and glaze quality. The plates are available in different styles some of which are rare to find.

The various designs, colours and styles available with the Portmeirion botany garden dinnerware make them a suitable choice for the different interior designs available in our homes. There is a whole array of Portmeirion dishware for every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. With different sets you may find accessories such as cream and sugar dishes, teapots and so forth. Instead of running from store to store, just shop for Portmeirion earthenware at where you will also obtain great prices, quick delivery and the best customer service.