Indoor Water Fountain Maintenance Guide

Indoor fountains are the best stuff for home and office dcor. Apart from adding beauty to the homes and offices, there are many health benefits too. However, when it comes to indoor fountain maintenance, there is both good news and bad news. The bad news is that without proper maintenance and care, these indoor fountains can turn into ugly objects that come up with many health problems too. Now coming to the good news- the indoor fountains are very easy to clean and does not require lots of regular maintenance. This article will fetch you some tips to make the maintenance of indoor water fountains quite easy.

Retarding and preventing Algae

The green algae growth is the major problem in any kind of water features. But when it comes to indoor fountains, there is nothing to worry about the growth of green algae. The indoor conditions will itself prevent the growth of green algae. However, if an indoor fountain is kept idle with water for a long period, there are chances of growth of the green algae. The fact is, stagnant water is ideal for the growth of alga. Hence its always good to keep the indoor fountain in action all the time. If the indoor fountain is to be shut down for a long period, it is advisory to drain all the water and keep it dry. This will prevent the growth of algae and also will kill other harmful micro organisms.

Vinegar for dissolving minerals and killing mosquito larva

Periodically cleaning the indoor fountain by adding little vinegar to the circulated water will dissolve any kind of minerals accumulated in the pump and hoses. Cleaning the indoor fountains with vinegar will also prevent the green algae from appearing. The major problem associated with the indoor water fountains is the growth of mosquito larva. This larva can also be killed by adding vinegar to the circulating water.

Use of distilled water to remove calcium and salt deposits

The calcium and salt deposits have the capability to damage the pump. Hence proper care is needed to remove them. Usage of distilled water is a perfect solution for this problem. Apart from removing the calcium and salt deposits, distilled water also retards the growth of alga and also prevents the growth of larva.

The indoor water fountains are very easy to maintain when compared to the outdoor ones. The outdoor conditions actually act as a catalyst for the growth of algae in water, while the indoor fountains need no algae care. The indoor fountains are also not subject to risks of the pump getting clogged with dust and dry leaves (which is a major problem when it comes to outdoor fountains). Keeping all the facts in mind, there is no reason for you to stay away from buying an indoor fountain. Get one today and add the beauty of nature to your room.