Illumination Session Using Liquid Illusion With Your Silk Flowers

In a world of silk flower design, there is a newer technique known as the liquid illusion arrangement. Simply put, liquid illusion arrangements use artificial flowers but make them look as if they are in a watered vase or container. The value this adds to decorating to silk flowers is important. The best silk flowers are made to look as true to life as possible. In this way, the liquid illusion arrangements are far superior to ordinary designs. You can actually create this illusion at home with your own silk flowers. You can use clear gelatin to make the flowers appear suspended in water. We also recommend going to your local craft store and asking for assistance in creating this liquid illusion. Many customer-service representatives of these customers have put together flower arrangements themselves and will know what to recommend.

Drying and Preserving Flowers: The Basics

Drying flowers after special occasions like weddings, graduations, or other fun events is a great way to preserve memories. It usually doesnt take long for flowers to begin wilting, especially if the ceremony they were used for called for them to be out of waterso dont delay when it is time to dry them. If you are looking for an easy way to preserve your own flowers, there are two methods you can use. The first is to hang the flower(s) upside down. Make sure the place you dry your flowers is not too warm, has little light, and stays dry. Once your flowers are dried, you will want to place them in a display case or shadowbox so they do not get damaged by touch. Pressing flowers is another way to preserve them, though they will have a very different look from dried flowers. This method works best with very small, thin flowers or the individual flower petals of larger, shapelier flowers.

Hanging Plants: Picking and Displaying

Displaying a hanging plant adds another dimension to your house. It is nice to have a good variety of plants in your homedifferent sizes and different placements make the whole area seem fresh and outdoorsy. Most often hanging plants get placed in a corner of the room, which is a great way to spruce up some of the more neglected, dusty areas of your house. They also do not get in anyones way. It is important to hang your plant correctly so that it does not someday crash to the floor. Some of the prettiest plants are larger and heaver; these require a metal hook attached directly to a ceiling beam. There is much less to worry about if you decide to hang smaller plants with light containers. You have many choices available to you, so look around online or in gardening stores until you find something that fits your home. There are about as many artificial hanging plants as real ones, so do not feel limited in choice if you decide to have the ease of a silk plant.

A Point for Functionalism

When decorating your house, the look you are going for can be classy, unique, retro, chic, modern, eclectic, or traditional. Any style is greatas long as the style isnt chaotic. Dysfunctional home dcor gets in the way of day-to-day life. There are those who decorate so enthusiastically that there is hardly enough space to stand up or sit down. Others have so many off-season dcor items in their garage that they cannot even park their car. To avoid these problems, keep in mind how you use a certain room as you decorate it. For example, the kitchen is a highly trafficked area, and counter space is usually more valuable for cooking than for decorating. Bedrooms, by contrast, are a great place to add flourishes and accents, since it is mainly a room for resting and for storing personal times. One rule to live by is that if something has to be moved three times a week or more to not be in the way, it should probably be kept somewhere else and replaced with something more practical.