How To Take Care Of Your Parker Fountain Pen

The Parker pen company has been the proud maker of pens since 1888. No, thats no typos, theyve been around that long.

Parker Fountain Pens

They have long been a top name in writing utensils making Parker fountain pens one of the most recognizable pens by people who use pens. That might sound like a silly statement until your lawyer pulls out a $.99 Bic and you wonder exactly how successful a lawyer youve hired.

Parker Fountain Pen

The Parker fountain pen holds a special place in the eyes of nearly everyone who owns one. They are more than a throwback to a bygone era; fountain pens are a luxury item that exudes elegance and a special form of aristocracy found in business and academia. A fountain pen screams class and success. And Parker fountain pens make a special statement about who you are and your ambitions and values.

Parker fountain pens are some of the best as regards quality, style and value. Parker manufactures some of the highest precision fountain pens on the market today. For the Parker pen company its more of an art than a production process. Parker offers a level of customization that is unheard of in the rest of the market. From nib to barrel, they offer several choices to customize your writing experience.

Barrel finishes range from a nice chrome to a black lacquer with gold finish. For a gift this cant be beat. Each order comes with five replacement cartridges and a gift box for storage.

Cleaning Your Fountain Pen

Its important that you care for your fountain pen by cleaning it at least monthly but this will depend on use. Taking it apart and flushing it with water is probably one of the best things you can do to insure that your nib will remain plug free. It is recommended that you use two parts water to one part house hold ammonia when cleaning your pens. While this is a good idea, make sure your pen is not made form aluminum. Ammonia and aluminum do not mix well, or maybe a little too well. Ammonia dissolves aluminum.

An alternative is diluted bleach or just plain hot water- just use a lot of it. A simple ear syringe can be used to get a deep down clean. Another and cleaner option is to have your pen distributor or local pen shop clean it for you on a regular basis. Either way you decide, make sure that you maintain your fountain pen cleaning schedule and your pen will never fail you. Happy writing and if youre thinking about a Parker fountain pen, youre definitely looking at a lifelong companion who will never borrow $3 for coffee.