How To Save Money At Olive Garden Restaurants

Olive Garden is a popular chain of Italian restaurants that offers quality cuisine at reasonable prices. Although many of the entrees are aggressively priced at price points of lower than $15 per plate, many diners may be able to save even more money by using Olive Garden coupons to offset some of their bill. Typically, the restaurant chain offers coupons in the form of a certain dollar amount off the top of the bill. For example, a popular one that is offered by the chain is a deal for $4 off of two dinner entrees. Another poplar promotion that the company offers is $10 off of every $25 spent on food. When taking a large group of people out to the popular Italian eatery, the savings from using these discounts becomes apparent. Fortunately, finding discounts is relatively easy if a person knows where to look.

One of the best sources for promotional offers is the local Sunday paper. Even though discount vouchers may be available on other day of the weeks, the Sunday paper always has the largest number of them with the best offers. Promotional offers may also be featured in magazines, fliers, or other print media.

Another good source for finding discount offers is the internet. From time to time, the restaurant posts discounts on their website that are not listed in the newspapers. People interested in using these offers simply have to print out the advertisement and cut them out. Besides the official website, many other sites offer discounts to the restaurant. Using an internet search engine, a person can find dozens of sites that offer promotions that can be used in the popular restaurant. However, one must take caution when looking for these offers because often, they are found on sites that have a lot of pop-up advertising. Some discount vouchers are printable, while others are in the form of codes.

Before using the coupon, it is always a good idea to check the expiration date since the restaurant will not accept one that is expired. Most of the times, these promotions will have expiration dates that are approximately one to two months later than the date the deal was issued. Also, diners should note that many times discounts and promotions cannot be combined and that there may be a limit on the number that can be used on one ticket. Therefore, it’s important to read the fine print before taking advantage of any offer.