How To Run A Flower Shop For Beginners – Tips On Conditioning Flowers

Are you a florist looking for some tips on how to take better care of your flowers? Don’t be shy. Even veterans need tips on how to run a flower shop. Running a flower shop can be quite a challenge especially when you’re dealing with various types of very delicate creations and blossoms. Some flowers require special treatment for them to last longer. Not giving them the care that is needed can make them wilt sooner, thus taking its toll on your profit.

Conditioning Flowers

Flowers that have woody stems, such as rhododendrons and lilacs should be given special treatment the most. You need to split the ends of the stems upwards for about 2 inches to help break down the thick fibers. After doing this, place the stems in a container filled with warm water and give the flowers a long drink before you arrange them into one of your works of art. Let your flowers have a good drink of up to five hours if possible or better yet overnight. It is a step expert florists call conditioning. This allows the stems to fill up with water and make the flowers crisp. This also lets the flowers last twice as long than those that have not been conditioned properly.

If you’re a florist who purchases your flowers from a wholesaler, place your flowers in warm water as soon as you get them. The wrapping paper should also be removed because it can bruise the flowers and cellophane can actually cause them to sweat. Cells start to form over the cut ends of the stems and this can prevent the stems from taking up water readily. The best way to keep flowers fresh if you can’t put them in warm water right away is to place them in a strong plastic bag with water in the bottom. The plastic bag must be secured with a rubber band. If you’re traveling by car, place the flowers in the coolest spot and when warm water is finally available, recut the ends of the stems and place them in. Condition them overnight before arranging.

Tips for Wilted Flowers

If you’re a beginner in the florist industry and you don’t know what to do with wilted flowers, you can try to revive them. That’s right! Reviving wilted flowers is possible. They can often be revived by standing the stems in hot water right up to the flower heads. After the water has cooled, let the flowers stand in the water for a few more hours before arranging. Roses can be perked up by floating the whole stem including the head in warm water for about an hour.

There are various tips online on being a florist and how to run a flower shop and being a florist. Sources are provided through articles, books and e-books.