How To Repair A Leaking Marble Garden Fountain

Marble fountains are beautiful landscape accessories which can transform a regular looking garden into an exquisite one. Thus, these are popularly used by interior artists and home makers to decorate their house’s garden area. Though, one problem that is generally faced with marble fountains is the leakage issue. Discussed under is step by step procedure to fix a leaking a marble fountain. Take a look:

Step 1
First of all check the entire fountain for the source of the leak. Scan the entire fountain from top to bottom together with the inside and outside as well. There can be more than a single leak hence, make sure that you carefully study the entire fountain.

Step 2
Now once the leaks have been detected, empty out the fountain of all the water it has. In case of a huge fountain, make sure that you dry it out completely before you start repairing it.

Step 3
Next, clean the area which needs to be fixed. In case the marble is broken, make sure that you clean its edges. Acetone can be used for light stains while the harder ones would need a solution of detergent and water for cleaning.

Step 4
Fix the crack or hole in the marble fountain using epoxy glue or marble repair cement. Epoxy glue is easily available at any of the hardware shop while marble repair cement can be sourced from marble dealers. Now-a-days, marble repair kits are available on online shopping sites as well.

Step 5
Stick the cracked pieces together with glue or marble cement. Try applying thin and smooth coats of glue using paintbrush, make sure that you put together the pieces closely till the time they have stuck together tightly.

Step 6
Wipe out the extra glue before it gets dried. Do not use the fountain until the time the repaired leak has hardened thoroughly.