How To Preserve Your Wedding Flowers

As part of the wedding planning you should really make the decision about preserving your wedding flowers and bouquet.
There are several ways to preserve flowers and some methods will mean that your flowers are collected and sent to a professional wedding flower preservation company straight after the wedding.

The process of preserving wedding flowers can be time-consuming taking days or even weeks to complete.

Wedding flowers can be freeze dried or pressed.

Pressing the flowers will enable them to be kept for years in a beautiful frame. The process is intricate. The arrangement is dismantled, each individual flower pressed, and then put back together again. The fact that pressed flowers are flat and generally framed ensures that they can be kept practically on the wall, in a storage box, and generally withstand the knocks of everyday life.

Freeze drying the flowers can take a professional up to a month. The process involves taking the bouquet apart and freeze drying each individual flower and then reconstructing the original arrangement.

The professional freeze dryer will use a special machine which will take them to -20 degrees and keep them at this for four weeks. A home freezer usually operates and -5 and therefore is not suitable. Some people use silica gel to freeze dry flowers are home but you will need to thoroughly research this before you start. If you want to freeze dry your own wedding flowers, experiment for a while first before trying to preserve the flowers from your special day.

Whilst we recommend that you use a professional flower preservation company it is possible to preserve your own flowers.

The easiest way is to hang your flowers upside down. If you are more creative and brave take the bouquet apart and hang each individual flower until dried out. You can them rearrange the dried flower but take so much care as the dried flowers are so very delicate. Before you try this consider where you will keep the dried flowers. You can buy glass enclosures which will allow the flowers to be protected from knocks, but you will need to invest in buying the correct type of enclosure.

The vivid colours of flowers to fade quickly over a short period of time. This is why you need to act fast after the wedding. You can keep flowers in the fridge which will help.

There are a few things not to do with your flowers.

Keep the flowers cool, in a refrigerator but not in a freezer. Do not sprinkle them with water. Try to put any exposed stems into water.

When seeking a professional flower preserver have a look at their portfolio of previous work, customer testimonials and look for any awards that they have won.