How to perform the I Am I Am Kabbalah Practice for Spiritual Growth

Your chest is a great ocean of energy. In it you find the heart. The peace for which every soul strives and which is the true nature of God and the utmost goal of man is found in the heart, or by following the heart. The source of every truth is hidden in every human’s heart. The heart is the seat of life, and life is the outcome of harmony. The whole secret of creation is harmony. The harmony of the universe is life itself. And it is life that every one desires. It is life that is the real source of healing. The first part of this kabbalah practice is an empowering, healing exercise designed to cleanse the lymph glands and the lungs in the upper chest and help you prevent breast cancer and heart attack.

Step I. 3 Minutes – Warm-up
Sit as calmly as you can, in any posture that does not cause pain. Relax the arms at the sides with the palms facing forward. As rapidly as possible, alternately bend the elbows so that the forearms come up toward the heart center. Do not bend the wrists or hands, and do not touch the chest. As you proceed with this movement, the arms will begin to feel as if they are moving automatically. Try to maintain a balance in the rhythmic motion of your hands. If your hands hit each other, it means that this balance has been upset. After a couple of minutes you may feel sweat on your forehead. Do this first part for at least three minutes.

Step II. 11 Minutes
Put your hands on your heart, listen to your heart beat and feel like you are at home. You are resting in the center of your self. Chant along with “I Am I Am” on the kabbalah Sounds of the Ether CD. As you chant I Am, feel it in the depth of your soul. Connect with this Divine flame of light that burns within yourself, and let it shine forth and welcome all that is good, all that is healing, all that will aid humankind and its growth in this world. Connect with your heart so that this Divine candlelight may burn brightly, holding your mind, body and spirit, so that these things of goodness and of love may come to you, and God in all his wisdom may guide you towards those healing paths that you are meant to walk.

Step III: Send love, peace, and light to the world.
Be on the lookout for details on how the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light can be used to help the world. We will send you more information shortly.

Incorporate the “I Am” exercise and meditation into your daily spiritual practice. It is an excellent addition. Recite this sacred sound as you face East towards the rising Sun that is symbolic of the Fountain of Light. This kabbalah practice should be done on a daily basis. It will connect you with your heart, illumine your soul, and align you with the Divine.

This article was adapted from the Light of Insight newsletter written by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry and published by Rootlight. To learn more
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