How To Make Your Own Silk Wedding Bouquets

Weddings are not complete without perfectly arranged silk wedding bouquets and consequently many couples pay an arm and a leg just to have the most exquisite wedding bouquets. Designer silk bouquets or silk flowers may be expensive but you can save money by making your own bouquet. It may sound and look complicated at first but its actually not that difficult to create silk wedding bouquets.

A lot of people want to be hands on when it comes to planning their wedding and you can never be more hands on than when creating a beautiful masterpiece of a wedding bouquet. The real beauty of creating your own silk flower bouquet is that you can totally mess up and still be able to start all over again without harming your pretty blossoms. As long as you love how your arrangement turns out, you know that youve done the right thing.

So here are some tips to create a marvelous bouquet that will look like its been arranged by an expert florist.

Find a store that sells silk flowers and buy the blossoms you want. Remember though, although a lot of brides would love nothing more than to have white blossoms for a bouquet, it might merge in when held against the white wedding dress and not be noticeable. If the bride truly insists on having a white themed wedding and white bouquet, just add some leaves and or colored ribbons for more dramatic effect. For fillers, use colored babys breath to bring out the white flowers.

You need a holder for the flowers and there are two choices out there. A Styrofoam is sometimes used for flowers with stronger silk flower stems while others make use of a floral foam. Use whichever you prefer but keep in mind that when experimenting with the design there is a need to arrange and then re-arrange some more. In this case, a Styrofoam is ideally suited because it can withstand the constant rearranging. Floral foam will have gaping holes when you rearrange over and over. In this situation a drop of glue can be used to lock the stem in place. Do this only when you are a hundred percent certain of the position of the blossoms.

When trimming the stems, make use of wire cutters and know that you will need more flowers if you are using longer stemmed blossoms. Begin with a stem of approximately 3 inches and for the cascade design, the lower blossoms must be longer by a couple more inches. Length can be experimented with as well, so dont be afraid to do so. If you find the silk wedding bouquets are too long then just cut off a few more inches or so and, if by some mistake, its shorter than you would have liked, reattach the stem using a floral tape.

Last, position the blossoms in your holder while thinking of the shape you want of course. By this time, all the major blossoms have been carefully arranged and now all it needs are the filler blossoms. The fillers can be added one piece at a time so that you can slowly but surely achieve the design and shape you want. Bear in mind not to overlap the focal blossoms with each other. Also take note of the silk bouquets sides, the foam might be visible when there are no filler flowers surrounding them. You could find some lace or other cover ups to hide the foam if the sides are not filled with filler blossoms.

Creating your own bridal bouquet has never been easier. Use silk flowers to get the bouquet you really want, at a price that is within your budget.