How To Make Silk Flower String Lights For Your Deck

Create a magical setting for the evening while enjoying the outdoors on the deck during the warmer weather months just by adding light fixtures to the scene. Perhaps you already have indoor/outdoor table lamps that add soft glow to their surroundings but you are looking for something different. To make a more personal statement adding some string lights with silk flowers can be an enchanted touch. Lighting the deck at your home gives another space for hosting friends and family into the later hours of the day. Making string lights with flowers is an easy way to add to the ambiance with outdoor lighting.

Flower Selection

To create your unique light fixtures for the deck there are a couple things to decide such as the type of flower, the color of the flower and the color of the string of lights. There are so many flowers and colors to choose from so deciding on which type and color is a personal preference. It can also be determined by what sort of theme you wish to have. Choosing the color of the light strand is also a personal preference. There are clear bulbs or colored bulbs in almost every color. Match the flower color to the bulb or go with clear.

While choosing the silk flowers for your new light fixtures make sure that your flower has at least two layers of blossoms and are different sizes. Also make sure that you have enough flowers that each bulb is covered on the light strand that is being used.

Making Your Lights

Using a hole punch, punch a hole into the center of the flower head. Place a flower head over each bulb in the strand of lights and pull it all the way down over the bulb making sure that the silk flower does not touch the bulb. Then apply super glue around the area where the flower head touches the strand below the bulb. Make sure your glue does not drip or touch your hands or any other space.

Once the flower heads are glued onto the strand of lights the lighting fixtures are almost ready. Use some green floral tape to secure the outside of the flower head to the string of lights. This will ensure that the flower heads will not come off during bad weather and over time.

Flower string lights are a fun and beautiful way to decorate spaces. They are created to look like colorful climbing plants or lights that drape across existing wall lights to bring a soft mood to the space. Ideas for where to place the light fixtures depend again on the mood you wish to create. One option is to drape the lights high around the upper edges of the deck area giving the effect of twinkle lights or hanging lanterns. Another option is to intertwine the silk flower lights around the railings where the seating areas are placed. There is never a wrong way to place these beautiful custom silk flower light strands.