How to Clean Flower Window Boxes

It is best to clean the flowerboxes once or twice a month to avoid fungus and bacteria to infest the plants and flowers in them. It is necessary to remove the fast growing fungus as not to infect the plants that may lead to contaminating others. There are some few basic tips on how to clean our window box. However, the process of cleaning will depend on what type of flower window boxes we have. There are some boxes that made from wood, hard plastics, and aluminum. The cleaning guidelines will be for all types of boxes.

1. First we need to prepare the materials that we need for cleaning. We need the plastic scrubber, sponge, cleaning solution (liquid soap).

2. Brush off any dirt or debris that is on the flower box. Use a stiff brush for clay and a plastic scrubber for plastic. It would be best to use brushes first because some fungi are hard to remove. But be careful not to totally damage the container.

3. Wash the container box with the liquid solution with the sponge. Scrubbing more would remove the dirt completely.

4. Disinfect by rinsing with hot and boiling water.

5. Let the box dry completely. Expose it to sunlight if possible. The ultraviolet rays I the best disinfectant.

6. Scrub salt build up off of the boxes by making a baking soda paste with a little water then scrub wooden flower window boxes with a fine steel wool, and hard plastic boxes with a plastic scrubber.

After washing the flowerbox, we can fill it in with our favorite flowering plants. Cleaning Flower boxes are not always part of our daily routine. They can be done weekly or even monthly. It may take time to clean the flower boxes but the contribution to cleanliness is always the key to our healthy lifestyle.

We are definitely going to enjoy the beauty of a clean container box. It would be a great contribution of beauty not only to our home but to the environment as well. We sure need to develop the green living behavior to preserve the Earth.

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