How To Choose The Best Pelican Fountain Pen

Going back to writing with a Pelican fountain pen can rejuvenate anybody that is fed up with the impersonal ballpoint pen commonly known as the biro. If you are interested in purchasing one of the Pelican fountain pens then maybe you will find a few useful tips here.

Form the time the fountain pen was invented, they have been coming in just about every kind of size, weight, color, material and design. Pelican fountain pens are one of the most popular brands along with the Conway Stewart pens, the Visconti fountain pens, the Aurora fountain pens, the David Oscarson pens and the Omas fountain pens. It depends on each particular individual as to what he or she prefers or is comfortable with. If you havent used a Pelican fountain pen in a while then pick a light one to start with so as to decrease the tension on your fingers.

The narrow Pelican fountain pen works well for people who have small hands but the Pelican fountain pens which have a thicker barrel may cause strain on the fingers. If you can, try to experiment a little by testing out various models before you make your final decision. Another choice you have is whether to use liquid ink from a pot or make use of the convenient ink cartridges. Using the ink pot can get messy at times but some people still prefer that to the ink cartridges. Again its a matter of choice.

Using a Pelican fountain pen can make writing a real pleasure. They not only give you very smooth writing but these Pelican fountain pens are a real work of art. And anybody owning one is surely proud of it. Some of these pens come with gold or platinum nibs or other embellishments and are like heirlooms the value of which appreciates over time.

Some of the best Pelican fountain pens will certainly not come at a cheap price but you can rest assured that very soon its value will probably double. Besides, they last you for a lot many years so effectively youll be paying just about a few cents for each day. The genuine Pelican fountain pen that you buy will come with a warranty and you can have it replaced just in case you do find a problem with the piece.

So if you are on the lookout for a Pelican fountain pen there are plenty of online stores nowadays thanks to the Internet. Some stores will have a variety of Pelican fountain pens besides the other top brands including David Oscarson. If you are looking to gift a fountain pen to a dear one you may consider choosing one which is embellished with gold or platinum with diamonds or precious stones inset. Whatever your budget you are sure to find a suitable fountain pen to give away as a great gift which will be forever admired.