How To Build A Fountain

We all love the sound of bubbling water in our gardens. It is one of the most soothing sounds after a hard day at work. We can drown our aggregation and troubles in the fountain rather than in martinis. Or at least enjoy the fountain and the martini simultaneously. Fountains can be ornate three-tiered, 8′ high, metal or concrete types or simple submersible pump-driven water in an ornamental pot or fountain head. Making a simple yet wonderful fountain can be done in an afternoon.
Required Tools:
Fountain Pump
Hose or Pipe
Required Materials:
3 Pots: 1 large pot for the rear pool
1 smaller pot, preferably decorative pot for upper pool
An appropriate size pot to serve as a pedestal for the smaller pot
1/4 Masonry bit
Waterproof flexible adhesive that will work on both rubber and clay or tile.
Two pieces of rubber to cover the drain holes in the first two pans
Pea Gravel
Blue Furnace filter
1 Fountain Pump
Stiff Hardware cloth cut to fit just inside the top pan
1.Following the directions on the adhesive, glue the rubber to cover the drain holes in first and second pots. It is better to use a piece that will cover the bottom of the pans. generally, you will need to let the glue cure for several hours before continuing.
2.After the glue has dried, cut a opening in the rubber on the second pan large enough to hold the pump hose.
3.Drill three holes in the side of the second pan. These should be about one third down the side and in what will be the front.
4.Drill the smallest pan around the side in several places to enable water to get in. Now pierce a ring of holes, close together around the rear of the pot and tap the rear out so the pan is bottomless. This is to aid in cleaning the pump. Also cut out an area big enough for the plug on the pump to run through.
5.Place the first pan in the location where you prefer your fountain.
6.Place the third pan, wide end down, centered inside of the first pan
7. Put the device inside the third pot, run the cord out the hole you pierced for it, then over the top of the first pot.
8.Join the hose to the pump and then run it up through the opening in the second pan; set the second pan on top of the third pot.
Tips & Warnings
Plant around the pan – it will soften the hard appearance of the fountain and make it more pleasing to our eyes.