How To Acquire The Most Expensive Flowers In The World

Flowers are the easiest gift you can give someone. They are plentiful, beautiful and always mean something to the person you purchase them for. However, not all flowers are created equal. Some flowers are more expensive than others.

Here are the most expensive flowers to give in the world. You should decide if they are worth it.


This flower is from tropical Africa and rare because it can be difficult to grow. Since it is also a vine from a bulb, it can be difficult to grow commercially. Due to these factors, it costs between six dollars and ten dollars per bloom.

Lily of the Valley

These flowers cost upwards of $15 to $50 per bunch, and it is no surprise considering they only bloom once per year, for only a few weeks. They have to be harvested by hand and their white, bell-like flowers have a short shelf life.


At $6.50 per stem, buying a dozen of these can really increase the cost on your credit card. They are not easy to grow and are always in short supply. These flowers are also used in dry flower arrangements like centerpieces, so the demand is quite high.


This fragile plant can die quickly. Although very beautiful, they are easily damaged. This makes transporting them difficult. They are very beautiful, but very picky. Usually they run $10 to $35 per bunch.


These are shipped from Hawaii and are considered some of the most beautiful flowers in the entire world. Sadly, they are difficult to grow and demand often exceeds supply. Cost per stem is five dollars to $25.

Oriental Lily

This is one of the most exotic lily hybrids and can take years to reach blooming size. They are a low yield flower and very fragile. Costs for the per bunch run $16 to $50.


Roses are a favorite flower of loves and hugely popular. Rose prices can vary depending on location and climate, but more often than not, they are one dollar to six dollars in price.


These flowers have amazing colors that make them very popular. They are grown in France and often cost five dollars to $45 per bunches of 10, however this varies depending on the time of year, where they are grown and their quality.


These flowers are easy to grow, but have a very short shelf life which increases their overall cost. Often they will cost $10 to $30 per bunch.