Houston Florist How To Select Birthday Flowers

Flowers are a thoughtful gift for any occasion, especially on the occasion of someone’s birthday. The question for the buyer is what birthday flowers to choose? The answer will depend on the time of year and the person who will be receiving your gift.

If the birthday flowers are for your wife or long time girlfriend then red roses are most certainly called for. The red rose is the ultimate symbol of romantic love. Red roses say “I love you,” so if it is a new relationship you might want to choose pink or some other color. If the birthday flowers are for your mom or daughter then roses are still an excellent choice but steer clear of red and go with white or yellow.

There are a number of other varieties of flowers that look great in birthday bouquets but the availability might depend on the season. A huge mix of spring flowers will brighten up any room and they are not going to cost you a small fortune, ask your florist what is available. Tulips, lilies and daisies are all beautiful flowers that will look gorgeous in any room. If you know the recipient of the birthday flowers likes pink or purple then ask your florist to add chrysanthemums and carnations to the mix.

Just as each month is associated with a birthstone, so too are flowers. There are certain flowers that correspond with each month of the year. January is the carnation symbolizing the freshness of the New Year. February is the Iris for the winter shades of white and blue. March belongs to the daffodil which is the first sign of spring. April is represented by the daisy, a symbol of innocence. May is the lily; the big beautiful flowers are a symbol of purity. June belongs to the rose, the stateliest of all flowers. The July flower is the Larkspur which is a tall flower with a multitude of blooms usually blue or violet. Augusts flower is the gladiola a symbol of strength and sincerity. September belongs to the Aster, a small flower known for its daintiness. October is the marigold because of its gold fall color. The birthday flower for November is the Chrysanthemum to represent cheerfulness. December belongs to the poinsettia, a traditional symbol of the holidays.