Honoring Your Loved One With A Backyard Memorial Garden

Unlike many other ways to honor a departed individual, a memorial garden offers a living, ever changing place that you can visit often to keep the memory of your loved one. A memorial garden can be small or large, and is well-suited to just about any backyard space. With a little bit of planning, you will be able to create a serene area in your backyard that will offer comfort whenever you need it.

Before designating a space in your backyard for your memorial garden, consider how much time it will take to maintain that space. Choose a manageable amount of space so that maintaining your garden becomes a comfort instead of a chore. If you plan on adding a memorial bench, a memorial statue, or similar memorials, then be sure to account for the extra space that will be needed to accommodate these objects. It is equally important to ensure that the plants in your garden have enough sunlight.

Talk with an expert at a local nursery about what types of plants thrive in your area. Then, choose a variety of plants that add color, pleasant fragrances, calming sounds when there is a breeze, and any other characteristics that will create the atmosphere that youre hoping for your garden.

If the space in your yard that you are dedicating to the memorial garden is large enough to accommodate a tree, you may find that a memorial tree makes a beautiful addition. A memorial tree will continue to grow for many years, will eventually provide shade, and will be a reminder of the continued connection you have with your loved one. Add a memorial stone under the tree as a way to remember the departed individual.

Include a chair or a bench in the area so that you have a place to rest, read a book, and enjoy the area you have created. You may find that a memorial bench works well for this purpose since it can also be inscribed with a short verse, the name of your loved one, or any other inscription that is meaningful to you.

To add to the ambiance of your garden, consider memorial stepping stones, a fountain with flowing water, a bird bath, windchimes, or anything else that helps you to always feel connected to your loved one. You will find that caring for your garden and spending time in the space youve created helps with the grieving process and provides many years of comfort and peace.