Honor Your Pet With A Garden Pet Urn

Urns have been used for thousands of years as a way to honor deceased individuals. These days, it is common for pet owners to have their deceased pets cremated and then to place the ashes of their pet within a special urn. A garden pet urn is a meaningful way to honor your pet.

Many types of pets spend a great deal of time enjoying their backyard environment. You probably have many memories of playing with your pet in your backyard or watching them enjoy the fresh air and sunshine in your yard. What better way to remember them after they are gone than to place their ashes in their favorite spot?

If you are planning to purchase a pet urn that will be placed in an outdoor environment such as your backyard, it is important to ensure that the urn is designed to be durable enough for the outdoors. It should be stable and heavy so that wind will not knock it over or carry it off. It should be unbreakable in case a tree branch or other heavy object falls on it. Finally, it should be waterproof to prevent damage. To meet all of these objectives, it is best to find a pet urn that is specifically designed to be placed in an outdoor environment.

Many outdoor pet urns are designed to look like a natural stone and offer an easy way to insert your pets ashes. These urns will keep your pets ashes safely inside the urn no matter what weather or outdoor elements come your way.

To personalize your pet urn, have a special plaque added to the urn that includes the name of your pet and/or a special poem. You will also find that there are outdoor pet urns available that already come inscribed with meaningful poems or sayings such as, Gone yet not forgotten, although we are apart, your spirit lives within me, forever in my heart. You may have a special poem in mind that can be added to the urn as a way to honor your pets memory.

After you have found a pet urn, choose a location in your backyard that you and your pet enjoyed spending time in. Set up a bench or chair so that you can spend time in that special place to remember your pet and to work through the grieving process. With time, the special place you have set aside for your pets urn will become a place to recall fond memories of your pet.