Herbal Phytoestroges And Breast Enhancement Recent Advances

Pueraria Mirifica which has grown for centuries in Northern Thailand certainly a miracle plant. Its robust estrogenic effects have the power to make many of the pharmaceutical companies who manufacture prescription estrogen products for various uses quiver. Pueraria Mirifica is also an agonistic for calcium 1 making the powerful pharmaceuticals like Fosamax and Boniva far, far less relevant!

It has been used safely in various parts of Asia for centuries. Its benefits as an anti-aging remedy have lived up to all the folklore! Pueraria is very close to being the “Fountain of Youth.”

The broad based phytoestrogen complex in Pueraria Mirifica far exceeds all other plant supplements. The dominant compound in Pueraria Mirifica is miroestrol which approximates the efficacy of 17 beta estradiol with some very, very distinct differences.

However, unlike 17 beta estradiol miroestrol is not a steriod compound. The miroestrol in Pueraria Mirifica phytoestrogen complex is not mutagenic nor does it cause proliferation of cells in Mcf 7 platings, nor has it in animal studies done in England in the early 1960’s. This sets it apart from other known animal based synthetic estrogens.

In fact cell plating studies suggest Pueraria Mirifica complex may have a preventative role in hormonally based cancers. Recently a Korean group isolated a fraction from Pueraria Mirifica called spinosterols which had a significant antiproliferative effect on breast cancer cell lines. One of these spinosterol fractions affected the growth (inhibitory) of some breast cancer cell lines in a dose- and time-dependent manner. In addition it affected the the growth of ovarian and cervical cancer cells.

Another recent study study by a Thai-Japanese team has discovered very compelling and powerful implications for men and anti-aging benefits. It had previously been thought that because of miroestrol’s unique efficacy mature men could use it only sparingly. This does not look to be the case however. This recent study (animal) demonstrates that it takes a great deal of Pueraria Mirifica to effect the androgenic-hypothalamic axis. This may have profound anti-aging implications for men.

Studies in England and Thailand have demonstrated miroestrol is very mamogenic for women. It is effective in 90% of women who use it. The unique all natural compounds make it the only ideal choice for breast enlargement and firming.

Phytoestrogen compounds have been shown to have a positive role in the prevention of osteoporosis, prostrate cancer, reduction of menopausal syndrome, beneficial cholesterol ratios, maintenance of hair pattern, prevention of hormonally based cancers.

One might speculate that Pueraria Mirifica may actually have growth hormone secretagogue properties for women because of the dynamics of miroestrol. This would be consistent with endogenous estrogen. Further research will be the key

Pueraria Mirifica is a complex plant. The actives build up in the plant over a very long period of time. Harvesting wild plants presents profound challenges.

The genetic profiles have significant differences, age of the plant, soil, conditions, climate and moisture factors are variables which can not be controlled.

Some companies have chosen a paradigm of standardized extracts for the active. This does not take into consideration other compounds in the plant. Some of these compounds are undesirable.

Each herb has its own natural intrinsic dynamic. Using inferior starting material and extracting may change these inherent dynamics. After all we talking about herbals not pharmaceuticals.

Many extracts are manufactured with very large ratios. It is very difficult to duplicate through chemical extraction that which occurs naturally. Uniformed genetics, conditions, nutrient enrichment, and moisture control are tantamount.

It is very important to understand the difference between the cultivated varieties and the wild grown. The market is flooded with products advertised for breast enlargement and firming manufactured from inexpensive wild grown and collected plants.

The raw material in these supplements and topicals is not expensive to produce and therefore the products are inexpensive to the end comsumer. Women (and men) desiring to increase breast size, need to learn this important diffenence.

It is not recommended that Pueraria Mirifica be formulated with other less potent phytoestrogens. Less potent effects of isoflavones, black cohosh, fenugreek, licorice saw palmetto etc. will only interfere with the powerful mode of action of miroestrol. This will only enable an inferior product.

Consumers should beware of these types of formulations an the technical expertise of those manufacturing them.