Hawaiian Flower Tattoos As Back Tattoo Designs

Hawaiian flower tattoos are exotic, interesting and beautiful and not as common designs as as rose, lotus or lilies. They can be an expression of one’s heritage if he or she is originally from the island of Hawaii. It can also be a representation of one’s unforgettable moments spent in Hawaii; the place being considered as a perfect getaway and vacation spot because of its natural scenery coupled with beaches, palm trees and fresh air. These flowers also have some significant meaning attached to them, that’s why a lot of enthusiasts also choose this theme just for its sheer beauty and artistic appeal.

Back tattoo designs are one of the most popular tattoo themes and hawaiian flowers would definitely look great when inked on one’s back. The most popular Hawaiian flowers are hibiscus, plumeria and orchid. Each flower has its own symbolism and individual characteristics. Hibiscus stands for delicate beauty as the bloom of the flowers are open for just a short period everyday. Hibiscus, in fact, has been called “Flower-on-an-hour”. Plumeria is a flower commonly used as tattoo designs along side hibiscus as if to complete the whole Hawaiian flower theme. In the island, it is the flower traditionally used as a lei, it will always say “Aloha”. Orchid is also prominent in Hawaiian and used as lei too, just like plumeria. It can stand for a lot of things like love, beauty, wisdom, and thoughtfulness.

Hawaiian flower tattoos as back designs can be combined with other imagery that the island is known for like sea turtles, mountains, surfboard and tiki. They are best executed on the back in full color to make them more visually appealing. They are also usually seen in a tribal style – with thick black lines and little accent of color or detail. They would look good as lower back tattoos, upper back tattoos or full back tattoo designs.