guangzhou international lighting garden lighting urban lighting show

Start time: 2009-03-10 End time: 2009-03-12 Venue: Poly World Trade Center Pazhou Complex

Contact: Chu Jin Contact Phone: 020 – 6,286,178,613,427,549,792

Sponsored by: Foreign Economic Cooperation of Guangdong Province Association of Enterprises Hong Kong Grandeur International Exhibition Group

Sponsor: Guangzhou Grandeur Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Show Overview: With the modernization of China’s sudden Mengjin city in recent years, the rapid development of urban road lighting, lighting, electrical industry as a whole trend better. 2007 sales of lighting products in China more than 15 billion U.S. dollars, while the new growth point in the future lies in the application of environmental protection and energy saving technology. And by the Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games infrastructure, led outdoor lighting industry in China entered a new golden age, this industry is expected to exceed 5 billion U.S. dollars.

The face of a huge market, street lamps and Courtyard Urgent need to speed up the perfect decoration factory sales network, active brand building, grab market opportunities. “2009 Guangzhou International Lighting, garden lighting, urban lighting exhibition” will be a street light, garden lighting exhibition platform, will experience products, and efficient business platform to do business face to face introduction to street lamps, garden lighting industry. Show organizers will improve the integration of superior resources and expertise to promote and build a manufacturers, distributors, large users and professionals gathered together the business Cooperation Event. I believe the show was held for the street lamps, garden lighting and related industries to recruit more franchisees to facilitate business opportunities for local and overseas brands promote corporate image, and capture the domestic market and overseas market of choice for positions. Huge market potential waiting for you to open up! Wish your company at the show fruits!

2009 years, Guangzhou, let us meet Guangzhou, the world witnessed the first street lamps, garden lighting products and business platform to share business opportunities abound in show, and seek common development, create brilliant!

Show Theme: Lighting the city to their homes, light colorful life

Exhibition aims: building the city communication and cooperation platform for lighting, communication, information, prosperous market

Activities: city street lighting energy forum, garden lighting design competition

Expo Background street lamps, garden lighting products, business opportunities:

Domestic and international road, real estate development, construction of municipal landscape gardening, construction, decoration, house building contractors, commercial enterprises, wholesale companies, distributors, tourism companies, buyers, building facilities, landscape construction, leisure, tourism facilities, eco-environmental art, home, advertising, urban road facilities, fire facilities, transportation, urban planning, architectural design, project approval, public construction equipment company, original art, permanent and art, public art, visual visual arts, landscape art, landscape art, culture and art, art style planning planning, visual creativity, scene setting, permanent scene scenery art, exhibition design and construction, theme parks, attractions and other community places a total of more than 150,000; to Guangzhou as the center of the Pearl River Delta region had 10,000 or so. Huge market potential for urban lighting business opportunities!

2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the development of new opportunities:

2010 on the 16th Asian Games will be held in Guangzhou, a large number of roads, stadiums, project and construction are among the facilities requirements in more than 10 million units; to meet the participants and tourists will come to the International , domestic guest room and board to play such a variety of leisure, landscape art, theme parks, tourist facilities have sprung up, which need to design creative beauty, fashion, street lights and garden lights to decorate, which gave companies related products new development opportunities.

Best Show time: March is the Pearl River Delta and the export of Chinese enterprises, the peak period of trade negotiations is the best time exhibitors; “China Import and Export Fair” (Spring Fair) in the preparation stage, at home and abroad Qi Poly Guangzhou.

widest degree of internationalization: Professional international cooperation agencies and exhibition services companies Dingli to create, through the organizing committee of overseas institutions and organizations from Europe, the Americas, East Asia and Southeast Asia, buyers, trade organizations, missions, renowned experts and major international famous enterprises and so to attend, to observe and study investment exhibition. Exhibition will bring together domestic and international street, garden lighting manufacturers and distributors, full-procurement platform to create an event of international trade.

Exhibits: road lamp: lamp, Pole , LED Street light, solar street lamp, street lamp, stadium lights, Chinese lamps, tunnel lamps;

garden and Landscape Series: Lawn , Garden lights, landscape lights, wall lights, spotlights, spot lights, buried lights, underwater lights, speakers light, moisture and light, Coco Light , Cherry lights, plants lights, fireworks and lights, brick lights, rainbow tube, tube, lighting, guardrail lamp, dynamic screen, waterfall lights;

New Technology series: solar lighting products, LED lighting, urban lighting control management system, urban lighting energy-saving products;

outdoor lighting, plant lighting, architectural lighting, commercial lighting, engineering lighting stadium lighting, garden lighting in public places

Hardware accessories: pole, lamp arms, lamp, Lampshade , Lamp holders, lamp panels, lighting, plugs, cables, switches, transformers and ballasts, trigger, control box, galvanized, spray casting, aluminum casting;

services: Lighting design software, lamp installation company, professional magazines and websites, research institutions, associations and business associations.

Related Products: Iron Product, parapets, sculpture, installation of machinery, piling and drilling equipment, tools, paint.

Exhibitors are: Booth RMB9, 800 yuan / a

Space RMB980 yuan / square meter 1. Standard booth is equipped with: three white panels, a talk station, two folding chairs, fluorescent 2, in English fascia board, carpet, paper Trichosanthis 1 For other facilities

customers can bring their own or in advance to the organizing committee for hire, subject to 500 double-sided opening / exhibition / extension.

2. Ground: with no facilities, by the exhibitors themselves or entrust the design, decoration.

electric box rental and deposit, electricity, development of a rent increase should be made of service exhibitors costs incurred, such as clearance deposit is required by exhibitors or the special equipment of the company.

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