Good Places To Get Married In Philadelphia

When you are planning a wedding in Philadelphia, there are several locations that are great places to get married. Franklin Square is a nice place to have a wedding, as is the historical First Presbyterian Church. This is the oldest church in Philly, and is of course a very traditional place to get married. If you want something very different, think about taking off on a cruise. From tying the knot in Franklin Square to jumping a cruise from Philadelphia harbor, it’s good to find a creative place that you will always attribute the happiest day of your life, but memories are best captured by pictures, so make sure that you hire a good Philadelphia wedding photographer to hold those memories in place.

Franklin Square is a historical city park that over the years has been used for many things. There is a nice, not to mention extremely huge, two hundred year old marble fountain in the square, and there plenty of room to set up an entire wedding on it’s seven and a half acres of land. Your Philadelphia wedding photographer could take pictures of your wedding party or the bride and groom, riding the carousel. There are actually four other public squares in the Philadelphia area, but it seems that Franklin Square is superior to the others, with it’s room and it’s rich history.

If you are looking forward to a traditional church wedding, try the First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia. This cathedral is about 400 years old and is a great photo opportunity for your Philadelphia wedding photographer to get some creative shots of the church with the most history behind it. The church’s beautiful stained glass windows and hand-finished altars are a wonderful attention grabber, and they will blend well with any wedding decorations that you might decide to use. The church even has a large fellowship hall for a reception if you are interested in having the reception in there.

When you need an adventure, having your Philadelphia wedding photographer follow you around while you attend a cruise is a wonderful idea! The romantic atmosphere provided by the open water and the beautiful ship is a fantastic place to be together. The Spirit of Philadelphia launches from Penn’s Landing and then cruises up the Delaware River for a delightful view of the city and some of it’s oldest attractions. There’s no better way to tie the knot than to get on a boat and sail around to view beauty in all it’s glory while you permanently express your love.

However, getting your Philadelphia wedding photographer to follow you around isn’t going to do you any good if you don’t know where you are going. Whether you are looking for adventure or tradition, Philly has so much to offer in the department of romance and historical value that you shouldn’t pass up the opportunities that this community has to offer you. There are plenty of other places to get married in Philly as well, it’s just a matter of deciding what you want that the city has for young and in love couples.